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Bye, PGMA, Hello P-NOY!

In Current Events, Event, Money on June 30, 2010 at 3:39 am

I never thought that this day would arrive as I honestly thought the PGMA would never let go of her position. Yes, even if she won as one of Pampanga’s congresswoman, I honestly thought that she wouldn’t step down. I thought she would declare Martial Law on the 29th of June or murder Noynoy Aquino on their shared ride on the way to the Quirino Grandstand.

Forgive me for thinking bad thoughts about PGMA, it is just that I thought she would never step down and I know in my hearts of hearts that she can do just that, either the former or the latter.

But thank god she didn’t. I watched the live telecast on ABS-CBN expecting PGMA to pull a gun out of her gown but nothing like that happened. She went and left the Grandstand peacefully. For me, the actual departure of PGMA is the highlight of the event. Again, don’t get me wrong I am not pro or anti NoyNoy. I just want to give the guy a shot. It is not as if I have a choice. I did not vote for him but I hope that he can deliver what he promised to the millions of people who look up to him right now as the only source of light in a Philippines that is covered with darkness.

Today, I am filled with hope. I have seen how bad PGMA ran the country for the past 9 years. She is not a good president but as a woman, I admire her. I think she is very strong and resilient, just like the Molave.

Manuel L. Quezon said he’d rather see a Philippines ran like hell by Filipinos rather than a Philippines ran like heaven by Americans. if you’re up there Mr. Quezon, you need to see what PGMA did to our country.

As one of the few who voted for Perlas, I would prefer to see the person that I voted for in that very stage now but he didn’t win. The voice of the people prevailed and I hope their voice is right.

I’m giving P-NOY (not the best name, I think. Say, if Obama is our president, would he want to be called POBAMA?) a shot and so far, so good.


I withdrew my funds from Paypal today. Normally, the rate would be 44 pesos but now its 45. The increase in dollar rate is due to his inauguration. I am sure of that. And I thank him for that. I know this is real selfish of me but I just hope that these positive changes would continue not only for me but for the rest of the people living in this extremely faithful but ironically god forsaken country.


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