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Its time everyone flies

In Event, Money, Personal, Travelling, Work on July 1, 2010 at 3:47 pm

I normally don’t go out on weekdays. By not going out I mean staying at home for 5 straight days. I work at home so going out is more like a luxury that I can not afford to make every single day.

But today is different. I went out as I have a very important thing to do.


Since I work at home, I do not have an ITR. Therefore, I can not in any way apply for a credit card. This sucks as on-line bookings are paid via credit cards. It is a good thing Cebu Pacific upgraded their payment methods. They now have this “Payment Center” option where one can book on-line and pay on or before the allotted time at the payment centers.

For 2 days, Cebu Pacific had a seat sale. I tried booking on the first day but the system says payments must be settled on or before 12:59 pm. This is impossible as I booked at 8pm and there are no payment centers that are operating for 24 hours. I tried to book again on the next day because I thought I can fool their system. I booked on the last day thinking I can pay on the following day. The total amount that I need to pay on or before 12:59 PM is just 351Php for a good for two round-trip to Cebu.

I’ve been to Cebu but this time I want to go to Bohol. I booked on October 8th to 11th as I thought this would be a perfect time to have a vacation in Bohol. I headed out the next day at the nearest BDO branch. It was a good thing that my friend’s girlfriend is the assigned teller at BDO’s payment area. I gave here the 14 digit confirmation number as well as the 6 digit transaction number. I was opening my wallet ready to take out 351 Php. At this point, we were talking about a common friend who died two weeks ago. In the middle of our sad stories and eulogies, she said that my booking is already closed.


I’m a bit sad and disappointed as it would really be a huge savings on my part. For a cheap skate like me, a cheap plane ride is like winning an Olympic medal for haggling. This left me with two options for the next time: pay early or use other people’s credit card.

I actually have another option but I’m not open to it. I can always work at a regular job that mandates you to pay for contributions such as Pag-ibig, SSS, Philheath and TIN. If I pay TIN, I will have a copy of my Income Tax Return which will eventually qualify me to have a credit card.

But no! I can never give up on one of the most amazing jobs in the world. Nothing can beat the fact that I work in my pajamas. I can travel while working or as long as the place that I go to have an Internet connection.

If I work on a regular 9-5 job, my salary will be a regular salary and my ultimate goal of having a credit card which is to travel will be defeated as time and money won’t allow me to do these thing with a regular job.


What’s My Age Again?

In Current Events, Event, Personal, Work on July 1, 2010 at 1:05 pm

“In a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself?”

“I guess, it would have to be 5. I’m just 19. I may have learn a thing or two but that’s just not enough. I’m still a kid and I still have a lot to learn”

“I beg to disagree. I had my baby when I was your age….”

I can vividly recall how that interview went. I was talking to my superior as we were having our mid-year evaluation.

Our conversation showed the two sides of young people these days. One side is the carefree devil-may-care people who are free to act and live their lives in accordance to their age. Another side of it is the mature and responsible face of youth that shows their ability to handle and face things no matter how “for adults” it may be. By for adults I mean things like supporting a family, raising kids and the like.

Lucky for me I belong to the group of young people who were given the privilege to experience every stage of their lives with freedom and vibrancy that only youth can give. I know people who were forced to grow up overnight. I have this friend who got knocked up at the age of 19, she was forced to grow up and raise her kid. I know another person who lost his dad at the age of 18, he had no choice but to work in order to contribute to their family income and help his mom make both ends meet. These unfortunate people are forced to mature overnight as they have to face circumstances and deal with issues that mature people usually deal with.

Take the case of this 19-year-old councilor in a place here in Iloilo.  His full name did not catch my attention but his age did. This kid surely made me feel that I lived a useless life. Here I am at 24 doing and feeling the same old things which I did back when I was still 13 years old.

I don’t know about other 24-year-olds but aside from the freedom that came along as my age progressed, nothing has actually changed. The school became a job, the allowances became salaries but everything is still the same. I am probably saying this because I belong to the fortunate few who are single and ready to mingle. HAHA.

Back to the 19-year-old councilor, I don’t exactly know how I feel towards this as it both stirs negative and positive feelings in me. Positive I say because this kid is like the epitome of Jose Rizal’s famous words, “The Youth is the hope of the Motherland.”

But it also stirs negative feelings as I assumed that this kid is a product of political dynasty. I imagine him having long line of politician ancestors.

I don’t know whether it was his decision to run or not. I don’t know if he is happy with his success or not. But I do hope that he gets to do his job properly. Live up to the expectations of the people who voted for him and prove wrong the prejudices of his non-believers.

Youth they say is wasted on the young. I had my share of being a stupid teenager. I had my share of being a  productive young one. I had been on the good side of being young. I had been on the bad side of being young.

Now, I am simply jaded.