Mera Joy Aniolga

Its time everyone flies

In Event, Money, Personal, Travelling, Work on July 1, 2010 at 3:47 pm

I normally don’t go out on weekdays. By not going out I mean staying at home for 5 straight days. I work at home so going out is more like a luxury that I can not afford to make every single day.

But today is different. I went out as I have a very important thing to do.


Since I work at home, I do not have an ITR. Therefore, I can not in any way apply for a credit card. This sucks as on-line bookings are paid via credit cards. It is a good thing Cebu Pacific upgraded their payment methods. They now have this “Payment Center” option where one can book on-line and pay on or before the allotted time at the payment centers.

For 2 days, Cebu Pacific had a seat sale. I tried booking on the first day but the system says payments must be settled on or before 12:59 pm. This is impossible as I booked at 8pm and there are no payment centers that are operating for 24 hours. I tried to book again on the next day because I thought I can fool their system. I booked on the last day thinking I can pay on the following day. The total amount that I need to pay on or before 12:59 PM is just 351Php for a good for two round-trip to Cebu.

I’ve been to Cebu but this time I want to go to Bohol. I booked on October 8th to 11th as I thought this would be a perfect time to have a vacation in Bohol. I headed out the next day at the nearest BDO branch. It was a good thing that my friend’s girlfriend is the assigned teller at BDO’s payment area. I gave here the 14 digit confirmation number as well as the 6 digit transaction number. I was opening my wallet ready to take out 351 Php. At this point, we were talking about a common friend who died two weeks ago. In the middle of our sad stories and eulogies, she said that my booking is already closed.


I’m a bit sad and disappointed as it would really be a huge savings on my part. For a cheap skate like me, a cheap plane ride is like winning an Olympic medal for haggling. This left me with two options for the next time: pay early or use other people’s credit card.

I actually have another option but I’m not open to it. I can always work at a regular job that mandates you to pay for contributions such as Pag-ibig, SSS, Philheath and TIN. If I pay TIN, I will have a copy of my Income Tax Return which will eventually qualify me to have a credit card.

But no! I can never give up on one of the most amazing jobs in the world. Nothing can beat the fact that I work in my pajamas. I can travel while working or as long as the place that I go to have an Internet connection.

If I work on a regular 9-5 job, my salary will be a regular salary and my ultimate goal of having a credit card which is to travel will be defeated as time and money won’t allow me to do these thing with a regular job.


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