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Haven by the river

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LOOKING back at history, one would usually notice that people during those times would build their settlements at places around bodies of water.

The Mesopotamians have their Tigris and Euphrates River, the Egyptians have their Nile River. Easy access to water for their needs could be pointed out as the main reason why most if not all of them chose that kind of place. But, the serene and peaceful view of the river could also be one of the factors that pushed them into settling in such places.

What’s in a name?

It is no wonder why Hotel del Rio is situated beside the ever graceful and serene Iloilo river giving it an edge over other hotels because it offers a spectacular view.

The year was 1964. Manuel Loring decided to make use of their family’s vacant lot at M.H del Pilar Street, Molo Iloilo City. So, using P1 million as his capital, he put up a hotel. He chose to name it Hotel del Rio because of its location — beside the Iloilo river. Hotel del Rio, a Spanish phrase, when translated in English becomes hotel by the river.

Manuel Loring, the founder of Hotel del Rio officially opened the hotel in 1965. From a small hotel, it gradually evolved and developed until it reached its status right now.

Jesse Ledesma was its General Manager from 1965 up to 2004. Arlette D. Ledesma is its Food and Beverage Manager since 1975. Today, the torch was passed to the younger generation of the family. Just this year, Manolete Loring became the General Manager of the hotel after his uncle retired.

As of January 1, 2005, the new management stockholders are Manuel Loring as the President, Milagros Loring as the Vice President, Gregorio Manuel Loring as the General Manager and Ignacio Javellana and Cesar Frederick Loring as the assistant Managers.

The hotel started with 33 rooms, two function rooms — the Golden Salakot and the Sunset Terrace, a coffee shop and three spaces for lease.

In 1975, 24 rooms became the annex extension. Additional function rooms named The Executive, which can accomodate 100 persons, and The Managuete, which can accomodate 20 persons, were added on the hotel’s second floor.

On August 1980, the management renovated The Golden Salakot and constructed a disco pub called the Treasure Hunt. Two years later, an extension for a ballroom called The Sunset Terrace was provided and the stage was widened where two bands sang every night. This period was also the time of the swimming pool’s completion.

On July 1983, Igmaan, a native restaurant by the river serving local dishes, was born. On August 1988, the Executive room was expanded; from 100 people it now can accommodate 200. On May 1989, a video room bar called The Sundown came into being. June, 1990, the abolishment of The Treasure Hunt gave way to the rise of Plazoleta Gay which serves as a function room in the morning and a cocktail lounge in the evenings of Thursdays and Fridays with a group of entertainers.

On February 1991, the management undertook a gradual renovation of the main building and the annex with only two of three rooms left untouched for the present. On October 1992, the Sunset Terrace’s floor and stage were renovated. July, 2003, the renovation of the obby, front desk and the coffee shop took place. Year 2002 marked the renovation of the hotel’s facade and kitchen. In 2003, Plazoleta Gay Resto and Bar opened catering to mostly the young people.

Last April, Terraza del Sol, a poolside bar and barbeque bar opened and just last month, Elements, a lounge for the young professionals offering jazz music and the likes with disc jockeys and many more, opened. The account of the major and minor changes in the hotel reflects its progress under the capable management of its stockholders.

These days, hotels in Iloilo are sprouting anywhere just like mushrooms. Keeping up with the competition is a tough job. That is why Hotel del Rio takes pride in its status and quality of service.

Stooping down the level of other hotels in terms of price is simply not in their dictionary. Keeping their customers satisfied in terms of food, entertainment, safety and quality of service are their top priority. Warm smiles of employees greet each and every visitor here. A smile of satisfaction from their clients the moment they checked out of our hotel is more than enough of a compliment for them.

Hotel del Rio offers the ambience suited for both business and family affairs. With 57 fully air-conditioned rooms and suites. It has a clean and fresh water pool, a business center, a barber shop, a souvenir and magazine shop and a car rental desk for the convenience of its clients. Its function and dining rooms includes Cafe del Prado with its aromatic brews and a daily breakfast from six to 10 a.m., it’s a perfect rendezvous. Plazoleta Gay/Elements is a bar for the young professionals. The Sunset terrace with its elegant vibe and features live band every night. Igmaan, a restaurant by the river serving char-grilled native food. Ohana, an authentic Japanese restaurant.
Standing still through a test of time is one of the sign of greatness and for a hotel to last this long, is a sure sign of its management’s intelligence, employee’s efficacy and client’s loyalty.

Lucky enough, Hotel del Rio has it all.

Repost from Sunstar Article.


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