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Developed Personality?

In Event, Personal, School on April 14, 2011 at 8:23 pm

Our teacher once said  that “a developed personality is a personality that will stand out amidst all the negativity around him or her. A personality that when is out to face the world can manage to say no to temptations such as booze, drugs etc.”

With that in mind, I decided to drop my Personality Development class right then there. I mean, I don’t need to spend/waste my time sitting down in that stupid classroom, waking up at 7am  just to hear my teacher preach about things that I already have
managed to practice.hhahaha.

How arrogant of me! But really, all my life, well that’s kinda exaggerating but all my high school life, I was able to resist all
sorts of temptations.

Of course, the curiosity bug bit me too, I had my fair share of smoking and drinking. (Actually, I can still count with my fingers how many cigars I’ve tried to put in my mouth and how many bottles of beers I’ve downed).

Personally, I think the only problem that I’ve got is I love going home late. I don’t know, it’s just that I’m uncomfortable going home at 4 pm. There was a time when I home at around 3 pm and my mom thought I was sick.(Imagine?)

I also love partying with friends and more friends. Actually my idea of partying is to be with my friends while they drink and smoke. My job is to talk and eat the “pulutan” (Filipino) or “sumsuman (Hiligaynon).

But I must confess, even though I don’t drink and was not drinking during those times, after “our” drinking sessions I would go home feeling tipsy. I swear. I would not be able to attend class the next morning because I had a “drinking spree”.

They were the ones drinking while I was the one whose world came to well, another world. Or, I was just too lazy to get up. 

But honestly, miss those times.Oh well, I’m getting old. Yes, indeed I’m getting old but I still havent changed.

Now for those people who havent met me in a while don’t ask me stupid questions like, “do you now drink?, “do you now smoke”?


Because, never and I do mean never will I do that because (LOUD VOICE CLEARING OF THROAT) Ahem! I have a well-developed personality.

I will never let my dropping out of Mam Illenburger’s class defeat its purpose. 

Repost from Friendster Blog: September 14th, 2007 by merajoy


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