Mera Joy Aniolga


In Art, Event, School on April 14, 2011 at 8:18 pm

I hate workshops! The thought of being stuck in a place with a really boring speaker and your main job is listen endlessly, that’s like killing yourself with boredom or deprivation.

Last Friday, I had the chance to attend Philipe Gracesto’s acting workshop. I mean not by chance, but by force. Since his Aunt was our teacher and our class was about Personality Development so were  required to attend to this seminar.

This guy is from Rutger’s in the US.  He is from Iloilo City but his family migrated there when he was still a kid. Fil-Am artist, that’s what he is. But as it turned out, the speaker was so cool, the topic was even cooler. The workshop was so cool, it can give one the chills.

The guy was a performance actor of some sort. He showed us clips from some of the famous people in his line of interest. It was like an eye-opener for me. I learned a lot, considering that the workshop was for free. It was hitting a flock of birds without throwing any stone. Not bad for waking up early and depriving myself the sleep that I needed so badly.

I came to a conclusion that seminars, workshops and the like are not really boring. If it is, the speaker or the topic may be boring not the seminar itself. Blame the speaker not the seminar. That’s what I concluded.

Someday, if I’ll be famous enough to be a speaker of some sort, I won’t bore my listeners. The moment they feel bored, babbling in front of them becomes useless. They are physically present but mentally absent. they may be quiet out of respect for you but who knows if they are listening to you or not? And if you are the speaker, that surely sucks.

I think our speaker is really gonna be famous someday, it is good thing  I have my camera with me. I’ll keep our picture and you know, show it as a proof that I’ve “rubbed” elbows with this dude back then when he was still not so famous… OMG, I’m so friggin’ shallow!

Repost from Friendster Blogs. 2007.


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