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15th and 30th

In Event, Money, Personal on April 14, 2011 at 8:22 pm

It is pay is my favorite day of the month, 15th but don’t get me wrong I also love 30th.

As a matter of fact,any day as long as I’ll be given money is my favorite day.hahaahah.

It simply shows that I’m so MP (mukhang pera) . Well, given enough money I would probably kill all the people that  I hate, I’ll rip their flesh with my bare hands..hahaha Kidding!

14th and 29th are like my second fave dates. Since they are like the apprehension dates. I mean, during this time I can’t sleep well, I would wake up every now and then and calculate my salary which in return would cause nosebleed since I’m like so poor in math.

But the bleeding and the wait are all worth it, especially when you get to feel the cheque in your hands . Oh sweet lord, heaven!

The good thing about having salary is there is something that I can look forward too. Unlike other employed people, I still get my daily allowance from my father.hhahaah. Good thing he doesn’t know that I’m working or else he’s gonna be mad like hell. But the negative side is that the high cost of living..hahha.

But really, I mean needs are insatiable and if there is something that I want and  I have the cash, I tend to splurge. Did I say human need? I mean wants.hahaah. Havaianas, Crocs, Oversized bag and all are not needs right?

Eating is another crime…I give myself a treat twice a month.

Me and my guy, we plan to eat in all restos here in Iloilo and our plans are going so well, the only problem is that were becoming fat.

He told me once to quit my job so that we’ll have less budget for  food. But no way. There is no way in hell that I’m gonna quit, I may be bored  to death here in my terminal but I still have the best job in town. Well, being a rock star and  a porn star I must admit are the best jobs but I don’t fit in that mold, so for me,my job is the best.

Working 3 hours a day?hahaahah.

Gosh I hope my boss doesnt read this or else I’l be a dead meat. hahaaha.

On the other hand, I would probably be thinner if he fires me.

So now, it is like a few hours before my shift ends, I will probably be the first one to dash out of the office, hail a taxi and head straight into the bank…

Hello, Shopping………….

Repost from Friendster Blog: September 14th, 2007 by merajoy


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