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In Event, Personal on April 15, 2011 at 3:08 pm

So everybody knew about my bag and its disappearance……

It happened on a Saturday Night. That’s all I can remember about it. To be honest, I’m trying to forget that dreadful day.

Anyway, after the disappearance, I tried to move on (whahaa daw break up ba) I fixed my mind into thinking that all the things I lost, I would eventually gain back.

I made up my mind about reporting my lost ID’s and ATM’s. However, I never did something about it. I was too freakin’ busy PROCRASTINATING. I asked BHE, (Kim’s Bhe actually) she told me to call the hotline for BDO’s lost cards but I never did.

I was so confident about my security code. It was a combination of my birthday and my father’s birthday.

I NEVER thought that any genius can figure it out. But lo and behold! I went at BDO today only to find out that what was left of my account was nothing but 500 pesos (Puta! nagbilin ka pa? Excuse my French. )

The teller said that a withdrawal was made on the 14th of September. I was not so sure about the date but I know that September 14 is not a Saturday.

I can only think of 2 things:

1. You are not just a snatcher but you’re a GENUIS ( If it is the same person who took my bag and withdrew money  from my bank account)

2. One lucky dude (Say the one who took my bag threw it, some lucky bastard found the rubbish, tried the ATM and viola! took my money)

Now, I know what you guys are thinking, Why on earth didn’t I report it?

My reason: I was confident of my account’s security. I never thought someone can figure out those 6 digits. It’s not even my birthday or anything that can be found on my wallet.

I think what made the withdrawal possible was:

-The one who found my ATM studied and imitated my signature.

Note to self: Get rid of your Manana Habit……………….

Repost from Facebook Notes by Mera Joy S. Aniolga on Monday, October 5, 2009 at 5:32pm

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