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Dont forget the lyrics!

In Current Events, Event on April 15, 2011 at 7:53 am

Okay,  so Tim Yap forgot the lyrics of the song TOYANG during the E-heads concert. ( I wonder, does he really know the lyrics to that song? I mean, not all people are fans of the band. Eheads was a masa band, Tim Tap is not part of the masa,he is more of a sosy/conyo/rich kid/laking aircon person in my opinion that is)

People were there for two reason:

a. They were die-hard genuine fans who really wanted to see the band reunite. These are the type of people whose lives were touched by the music. Some of these people can memorize each and every lyrics to each and every song in each and every album. But there are also those who have a few favorite songs from the band. And these people just know of their favorites. It takes good memory and hard work and a bit of obsession for a person to memorize each and every song of a certain band/group/person.

b. People who are there because it was an “event”, it was part of their job, somebody paid for their tickets and the like. The point is quite simple, they were there but they are not fans. Here you can find crew, hosts, groupies,posers, etc

There can also be group of people who are a combination of both, these people are the lucky ones as they are fans and they get to see the concert for free because it may have been part of their job, rakets or destiny. Haha.

When Ely Buendia gave Tim Yap the mic, instead of singing ” tatambay kami sa Tandang  Sora…..” Tim Yap sang, “pen pen pen ” It was funny as hell but what’s more funny are the comments of people in the video posted on YouTube, there’s this one fan that went of his way, squeezed his creative juices and even gave meaning to each and every letter of Tim Yaps’s name…


Now, can we really blame him? Can we really get mad at him? I don’t know, I don’t think so. But I think we can all laugh at him.

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