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From one of my all-time favorite song, My way....


Summer of 4th Year HS


tooot toot toot tooot (meaning text message)

Cons: Me, updi ko bi mapa Tribu bakal tsinelas….

Mera: (mAy load man, pero wala nagreply ky sa natakan mag-lagaw that day)…….


tooot tooot tooot tooot (text message liwat)

Mera: Cons, te anu oras ta makitnay lagaw ta…..

Cons: Ari nko Manila. Indi na ko magpuli da, mabakal ko tani chineleas sang Saturday kay para ibalon ko pa Manila. Diri na kami ma istar…..


After na, kaisa lang gid kami mag meet pag birthday ko nga nagpuli diri sila in Kuya niya.

8 years after sang amo to nga incident, HISTORY repeats itslef.

Balan ko na gid may cancer sya (INDI ni c Timi ha) pero ngaa la pako nagkadto sang ara siya sa St. Pauls na admit.

Jan 22

Ann: Me, wala na c Tita Imee….

That day, on the 23rd kay day off ko amu pako na tani makadto sa iya…..

Anyway, REST IN PEACE Tita….. Una lang, madasun lang kami ah….. mwaah mwaah

Facebook Notes by Mera Joy S. Aniolga on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 6:23pm

  1. Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for first aid for a heart attack and your post looks very interesting for me.

  2. Too bad, this is not in any way related to heart problem solutions. It is in Hiligaynon, you may not understand a thing in this post except for a few English words. Good luck and hope all is well with you heart. =)

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