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The Secret

In Book Review, Boredom, Personal on April 15, 2011 at 9:02 am

For my birthday a friend gave me Rhonda Byrne’s The secret. The book says things about the Law of Attraction. That if you think about a certain thing most of the time, you attract it.The universe is your genie, you are Aladdin and that the universe is there to grant every wish that you may have…

I thought that the book was quite too good to be true. But then again, I tried to give it a shot.

One sunday afternoon, while I was reading it, I came across the story of a man who was apprehensive about the book as well. So he tried to visualize a feather. He wants to start applying The Secret via little things. So he thought about the feather, every details of it. He made sure that the feather that he was visualizing was different from the rest so that in case it appears he will know that it was the feather that he visualized, attracted and asked the universe for. After two days of his visualization, lo! and behold the feather appeared while he was on his way to work.

I too decided to try it, I pictured out my friend calling/texting me. I had her picture in my mind, I even imagined our phone ringing. I commanded the universe to let Cha call me. After an hour or so, I had a text message from her telling me to call Melcy. Creepy.

Another thing that I tried to visualize/order from the catalog of the Universe is for an increase in my salary.2 days after my persistent visualization about an increase, our boss conducted a meeting telling us that our company is in good shape and if all goes well, we will have our increase by August.

Call it coincidence or a freak accident, I still am not that convinced. But I am really trying my best to practice what I’ve read in the book. It’s a win-win situation anyway.

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