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Back when I was in 1st year high school, cell phones were not a necessity. Yes! that’s how old I am. Our parents have cell phones . They use it for work. Texting was for free at that time. E-load was never heard of back then.

In our class, the only person with a cell phone is Melcy. It was a green Nokia 6520? I am not so sure of the model but it looks like a distant cousin of Nokia 5110. It has an antenna. The only games in that phone were Rotation and Snake.

During lunchtime, 45 people would flock over Melcy to borrow her phone for games. That’s how popular you are if you have a cell phone back then.

To give a cell phone to a 13-year-old back then was to like give an iPad to a 5-year-old these days.

After a year or so, cell phones have become popular. A lot of rich classmates have one. Most especially those whose parents are from abroad.

Since my parents are not rich nor from abroad, I got my first cell phone when I was 15 years old. I was in 3rd year high school at that time. My first phone was a Nokia 3310. It was one of the “newest phones” back then. It costs at about 10,000 pesos. I still remember my mom asking me more than 10 times if I’m sure about the phone that I wanted to buy. I have to make up my mind because she is not going to buy me another phone until that 3310 is broken or lost maybe.

My next phone is a Nokia 8210. My 3310 did not give up just yet. it was still alive and kicking but I wanted a smaller phone. I was in College at that time. My 3310 is too big for my jean’s pocket. Back when I was in college, I did not carry a bag. Yellow pads, notebooks, ball pointed pens, money, perfume, powder and the like all goes to my jean’s pocket. Ask me to do that again now and I tell you, I don’t know how. I doubt if I all that jean-pocket-stuffing business now, even if I want to.

My next phone is a Nokia 3220. This was in my late college days. Camera phones have been around. I don’t consider camera’s in cell phones as important. I mean I can live with my 8210 and my 3310 combined. I was a heavy-texter at that time. I had two batteries for my 8210. The first photo that I took in this first ever camera phone is that of Baby Sabrina, fresh out of the hospital. She was such a weenie baby then. Now she’s a beautiful baby girl who will be in her Grade 1 come June 2011.

My next phone is a Motorola 220. It was a low-end music phone. It does not have a camera but it has a radio. I love listening to NU107 at that time. The radio kept me entertained. Its color is pink and its a flip phone. I remember flipping it open for hours just to pass the time.

After my bad experience with Motorola’s battery draining issues, I switched back to Nokia. My next phone is a red e63. This phone is my most expensive phone so far. It has everything that I needed at that time. But after two baths at the beautiful beaches of the Philippines, namely Isla de gigantes and Siquijor, the phone eventually died.  I am not in any way reckless, but things just happen.

The first drowning incident of my phone was when our boatmen were too lazy to come near the island so we jumped off the boat. The water was like waist level, I had my bag when I jumped off. That was stupid of me.  But my e63 did not die just yet.

After 5 months, we went to Siquijor and I slipped at the pool. It was an accident. No harm happened to me but for my camera and my phone, it was another story.

It sucks because the technician that I went to for help said the phone was beyond repair but when my father had it checked with his technician friend, he said that I was fooled by the technician that I dealt with. Oh well, karma is out to get that freaking technician. He won’t be rich out of that little phone of mine.

Now, my phone is a Cherry Mobile P1. It looks like a calculator. I bought it for 1,000 pesos. It’s in pink. This phone is back to basics. It has everything I need as of the moment. You see, I am not a heavy texter anymore. I’m usually online so I communicate with most people via Skype or via Facebook chat.  Now, i can’t live without my charger, the phone dies after one day regardless as to whether you use it or not.

Back when I had my e63, I’m scared to text while I’m at the jeepney or in “dangerous” public places for snatchers might be around. With my P1, who cares about the snatchers?

As I’ve said, I’m not that much of a cell phone person. I don’t care if I have a phone or not. I mean, I can spend 5 days straight without texting. I have my land-line number anyway.

In as much as it is a necessity to communicate easily, the medium that you use does not really matter.  You can give me a Nokia 5110 now and I’ be glad to use it. Really! As long as it has enough load, as long as it can call, as long as it can receive and send messages, I’d totally happy with it.


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