Mera Joy Aniolga

Monday Thursday

In Event, Personal on April 21, 2011 at 6:42 am

If you are a kid, you have your own world and your own set of vocabulary. How many times have you heard and laughed at kids using wrong words while singing along at famous songs?

A lot of times.

Monday-Thursday. This is one of the many things that confused me as a child. I would see the calendar  marked in red. I thought MAUNDAY was a typo for MONDAY. It did not occur to me that typos for each and every calendar printed and given to us can not be possible. There are smart calendar printers out there. What can I say, I was a dumb kid.

Back at school, our teacher would pronounce MAUNDY as MONDAY. Or at least it sounds similar to my ear.

Ah, to be young, gullible, confused and stupid. Those were the days.

Now if you’ll excuse me as I need to buy a mass card. Its MAUNDAY thursday what follows it is Good Friday. If Jesus will die tomorrow, I might as well have a mass card prepared.

Bad Joke! Good thing my mother can’t read this. Haha.


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