Mera Joy Aniolga

Birthdays and beyond….

In Event, Family, Personal on April 23, 2011 at 6:23 pm

I love birthdays. It does not matter whether it’s my birthday, my mother’s, my father’s, my sister’s, Augustine’s, my friend’s or my friend’s friend’s birthday for that matter. I love knowing that this day is someone’s special day. I love birthdays so much that my faith is somewhat connected to it.

You see, the only times that I go to church or hear mass is during Jesus’ birthdays. He is so cool that he has two birthdays. One of his birthdays is on December 25 and other one is his “resurrection”. Technically speaking, it is not his birthday. But my father used to celebrate his “resurrection” too. As a kid, I thought my father has two birthdays. One is on September 2nd and the other other one is on October 30th. The former is his actual birth date as stated in his birth certificate, the latter is his “ressurection” after he got shot, survived and lived to tell the tale.

I think Jesus, who is much of a big-shot as compared to my father has the right to celebrate his second birthday too. Catholics are celebrating “easter”. Jesus must be celebrating this second chance to live on heaven with his Father. He probably is having a drink along with his 11 disciples. 12 if Judas asked for forgiveness and repented before he hang himself so that the pearly gates of heaven would open up for him.

This is the kind of Cake that I would bake for Jesus. The baby in the middle for the December 25 birthday and the crown of thorns for the holy week birthday. Talk about hitting two birds with one cake!

My mother is a devout catholic and I know it pains her so much that her catholic school educated girls won’t even accompany her to church on Sundays. My 15-year old sister is too lazy to hear mass and I’m too smart to go to church.

I have a lot of rebuttals, arguments and the like that my mother would not argue with when it comes to religion. For 10 years, I went to a catholic school so it follows that I know the “basics” of religion. Had I taken Theology in College, I would have had a chance to be part of Dean’s List. Thanks to my 10 years Christian Living courtesy of Colegio De San Jose.

As I’ve said, the only times I hear mass and go to church with my mother is during Jesus’ birthdays. Thank God, Sundays are just Sabbath days, rest days. Had it been Jesus’ birthday’s too, I would have no choice but to drag my lazy ass to the church each and every Sunday. Talk about incessant love of birthdays and birthday parties.

Happy birthday Jesus! Happy Easter Everyone!


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