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Discover Daragan

In Event, Travelling on April 23, 2011 at 8:57 am

Guimaras is known for its beautiful beaches and sweet mangoes. I have been going to the island for its beaches. But this time it is an unfinished inland resort that we are going to. There are two ferry piers in getting there, if you want to go to Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, you go straight at the Parola Pier. If you want to go straight to Jordan, Guimaras, you need to take the Ortiz Pier. In the many years of going to Guimaras, I actually haven’t gone to Nueva Valencia or shall I say I haven’t been to Guimaras via Parola wharf. Most of the beaches are in Jordan. That probably explains it.

My friends and I met at Deleonian Cafe. It is located in Iloilo City Central Market right in front of Iloilo Grand Hotel. We then headed to the Ortiz Wharf. The pump boat fee is 14 pesos. The Ortiz Wharf looks like a setting of the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

When we arrived at Jordan, we took a “tricycle” going to Daragan. Its 15 minutes away from Jordan but the place is so quiet, you will think that you are in a parallel universe or something of that sort. The fee for tricycle is 20 pesos. The inland resort of my friend’s friend is yet to be finished. But the CR is already done as well as the main area. The workers stay inside a tent. If you are a passerby in the resort and you see a bunch of silver tents, you will think that there is an alien settlement in the area.

Under the trees are hammocks. Above the hammocks are beehives! hahaha We spent the day frolicking under the sun. Eating broiled fish, drinking cold beer and talking to the locals. I can’t wait for the day when the resort will be done. It will have a pool, ( I guess and hope so )it will offer horseback riding and so on.

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