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Evelio Javier Day at Sol Y Mar

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Back when I was still a student, weekends was the best time to hang out with friends. Now that I belong to the work force, non-working holidays are the best ones.

Evelio Javier Day is a local holiday here in Panay. Every 11th of February, the death of the said hero is remembered. Me and my friends decided to spend the day at the beach. We did not want to go far out in the city as we are not going to stay there for the night. There are a lot of nearby beaches within Iloilo City. There is the Villa Beach located at Villa de Arevalo. However, it is not such a great place for bathing as the water is not that “clean” anymore.

Our options for nearby beaches are Oton, Tigbauan and Guimbal. The three municipalities that I have mentioned are like 30 minutes away from the city. They have clean water and they are not that far from the city. This means friends who can not make it in the morning can still catch up in the afternoon. This includes me as my work does not honor local holidays. I get off at 3:30 pm.

When I got off from work, I took a jeepney going to the Mohon Terminal in Villa. We took a Tigbauan Jeep in the terminal. We paid about 14 pesos for the fare. We told the driver that we are going off at Sol Y Mar. Drivers and conductors alike know where the resort is and since we were unsure of its location, we did the safest and wisest thing that needs to be done: we told the driver that we are going down at Sol Y Mar.

The resort is simple. You need to walk about 50 paces or so to be able to get to the actual beach. The lawn going there is manicured so you get to see beautiful plants and shrubs along the way. We paid an entrance fee of 40 pesos. Take note that they charge a corkage fee for outside food and drinks. Picnic cottages are available depending on its size, there is a small picnic cottage for 300 pesos and there is also a bigger one for 500 pesos. Since it is just near the city, you can be assured about its internet connection and power supply. I haven’t tried their wifi connection but I think they offer it as well.

My friends have been there since 9am and they were already tanned when we got there. The view of Guimaras Island is stunning during sunsets. You also get to check out the Antique mountain range on the right side. The beach may not be white-sand but it certainly is refreshing. This place is perfect for people who don’t want to go that far but wants to enjoy a quiet day at the beach.

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April 1, 2010


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