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The Boracay I Know

In Event, Travelling on April 23, 2011 at 8:24 am

Boracay Sunset

I recently went to Boracay and was surprised by how “changed” place has become. I went there like two years ago, but I just didn’t think that after 2 years such an abrupt change would occur. I was expecting changes on the Talipapa’s site due to the fire, you know just minor changes but I should have known better.

FIRST: The Jetty Port used to be not that complicated. I mean you pay stuff there like the fare for the pump boat, sign up for the insurance, in case shit happens and off you go to paradise. That my friend was the Jetty Port 2 years ago. Now, there’s the check up of bags, like in the malls. Pay for Port fee, Environmental fee and what-not fees. I mean if you come to think about it, the “fees” are more expensive than the actual “banka” fare. Note: Akeanons are exempted from paying the environmental fee…(My mom is from Aklan, that makes me 1/2 Akeanon, I was actually tempted to tell them about it. I was hoping that my 1/2 Akeanon blood would reduce my Environmental fee by half. )

Second: 2 years ago after riding the banka, you are already in the station that you would want to be. Most people are dropped off at Station 3 as it was the place where public banka are located. Now, you have to ride a tricycle to get to the beach area. Tricycle fees vary: 100 php for those who parked properly inside the Cagban Port and 15 php per person for freelancers. It was a good thing that the resort owner picked us up from the port, he even wrote my name on a yellow pad and was holding it like I was an important person. I think he was disappointed when he saw me. heheeh.

Third: Commercialism. Two years ago, D Mall was just like two alleys of stores. Now, they have another wing which extends up to the main road from the beachfront area. At night, they have those mimes where you can have a picture taken. Too bad, my camera’s battery was low when I went there, I was not able to have my pictures taken with the mimes but it was a blessing in disguise at least my money was saved as a picture with the mimes require a small donation. They call it “donation” I call it fee.

Fourth: Widening. Before the resorts stopped at station 3 but now the stretch of resorts got wider. A lot of foreigners can be found at some high end resorts in Station 3.

Fifth: Privatization. We went Island hopping and going around the island, there were a lot of resorts/ buildings constructed. 2 years ago, areas near the Puka Beach was just full of trees but now there is an ongoing construction of a building there. I even saw a 5-story house which our tour guide said was Manny Pacqiao’s (Fuck, my nose bleeds every time I spell out Manny’s last name. It is like 10 tries before finally getting it right. If I am a kid and that’s my last name I’d quit school or find another last name which is easier to spell.)

To be honest, I don’t think 2 years is that long. But it seems as if the rate of development in Boracay is twice as fast as any other place in the country. I can only imagine how the backpackers during the 8O’s would react the moment they see the island now.

This article is a re-post off my Friendster Blog 3 or 4 years ago.


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