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In Personal on April 25, 2011 at 5:27 am

Mera Joy Aniolga
Male, 71, Married, Great Britain (UK)

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Just looking around

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Sep 2004

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Strawberry Fields

Delta Company eh( I own that company..whehehe..)

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Other education:
St.Elizabeth of Hungary Kinder School, Colegio de San Jose, Central Philippine University

Colegio De San Jose, Attended 1990 – 2003, Class of 2003, Other

BSN ( Babaye sang Nurse)

Kurimao, Pulido Family, Underground Infernal Society, Mascom Avengers, KUB, Tropah……..

What I enjoy doing:
ARGUING and WINNING, malling, reading, channel@net surfing, hanging out with pwens, laugh tripping, counting stars, raindrops, clock ticks, footsteps kag huni sang tuko, monologue sa sulod banyo, kitkit kuku, crosstitch and crocheting, higda2, storya sang hinubog and most of all explore the wonders of my anatomy heheehehe…..

Favorite Books:
lolita, the kiterunner, atonement, harry potter(hands up ko sa mga ideas ni jk rowling), twisted(i luv jessica zafra), dogeaters(nice twist sa story), vampire chronicles(need i say more?), manananggal terrorizes manila(hail jessica zafra!), to kill a mockingbird(Pulitzer awardee ini mu), little prince(I love his innocence), the alienist(waw), morgans passing(i wish to meet someone as eccentric as he is), the reivers(mga manol kg buki wahahaha), the fortunate pilgrim(luluoy cla..), the catcher in the rye(recommend ko sa tanan…), don quixote de la mancha(funny..), see jane run(kahaladlukan…), eleven minutes(ayos na klase pokpok)einstein’sdream(weird but nice buk) pulp and pugadbaboy( i know, they are not books but i read them anyway)……

Favorite Movies:
the kite runner, lords of dogtown, detroit rock city, the tracey fragments, city of god, wanted, prince caspian, harold and kumar(both the prequel and sequel)juno, hard candy, requiem for a dream, across the universe, trainspotting and a whole lot of drug movies, chronicle of narnia, life is beatiful(matululo luha mu bskan maton ka pa), the pianist, ovosodo, adaptation, in time of the butterflies, not one less, frida, malena, balzac and the little seamstress, the hours, tuesdays with morrie, pool hall junkies, breads and tulips, antonia i also lab watching short indie films like the wound, the milkman, ang bantay, revolution, taxi ni pilo, dansport, contamination and many more

Favorite Music:
tanan na gatukar sa radyo(im a cheapskate eh, i dont wanna buy cd’s hehehe)

Favorite TV Shows:
i hate our cable company, jack tv is no longer available. thank goodness im workin on a night shift so i havent got the time to watch tv….

Zodiac Sign:

About Me:
tinetic kuno…pti ah, TINETIC gd mn ko…..
a histrionic hypochondriac who adores BASTI and GAEL.
yes, im a bitch and i wud take that as a compliment.
id like to make myself believe that im a voracious reader
i am my parents love child
i believe that aliens exist (seriously)
im left handed and right brained but im in no way artistic.
literature for me is one of the best gift god gave to mankind.
i hate posers but i love to pose though, especially in cam whoring..
lately ive come to realize that im indeed thrifty.
teaching is my passion, naks! but really, my ultimate dream is so unglamorous but very noble..hahaha
before you judge me, try walking in my shoes! (tip: chuck taylor)
leganes is a haven for me…(figure it out..)
i wanna be like carrie bradshaw, write for a living, be very fashionable, live a laidback life, have cute guys around and walk in new york city with manolo blahniks-what a life!
i live in my sneakers, given enough money, i wd collect each and evry chucks in the world..
i wonder if imelda marcos has chucks too?
i love zach coz he’s very erudite..hehe
i feel incomplete without my earrings.
i hate dumb people ept homer simpson.
i think my personality precedes me, oh well…
i live in my own world, in my own time (no wonder im always late!)
my life passed me by like a scenery from a car’s window…
i talk a lot…….
i dont want things that i dont have…
and ive recently figured out that the key to a happy life is a literal key(haha! kidding)that the key is to simply be…
before i die, i wanna be able to og to auswitch, or one of the death camps during the genocide…
no, i dont condone hitler, its just that im amazed by his speech power..
i also wanna go to jaPAN and check come harajuko girls out…
PRINCE CASPIAN is my hot but really, ive got the hots for ben barnes…
i have a love hate relationship with ebay….
i plan/dream to buy a lomo camera and an slr but i think i would have to stick with the lomo camera since slr are like way out of my league,financially.
i love torturing other people, emotionally! ahaha im so evil…
i sometimes wish im a millionaire so i could go to every place that i fancy…those beaches….tsk!
lately, im working out on how to execute a headstand, i dunno, ive nver been interested with physical stuff before but i just wanna try if i could and maybe break my neck or just get the feel of it.ahahaah is my latest obsession….

Who I Want to Meet:
another me
a rabbit hu will pull a magician out of a hat
banksy in all his glory
adam worth
charles culln and charles manson
marie antoinette…….
dr. suess (mind you, its sound like “choice” not juice, the pronunciation i mean.)
people hu actually laugh “mwahaha” in real life
a llama only if its name is dalai
holden caulfield or jd salinger, either of one them
but in a mor realistic sense, i want to meet people who can keep up to the insanity of my sanity…..
mga ka wavelength n those who are willing to stoop down on my
backwards and distortrd idea of reality…..
I also wanna meet BANKSY…..
ben barnes
cynthia heimel
aldous huxley
marquis de sade
MC Gorky of Bonde do role


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