Mera Joy Aniolga


In Boredom, Personal on April 25, 2011 at 5:29 am

mera joy’s What Kind of Girl are You?

You are pure and beautiful. Looking into your eyes is a religious experience. When you spread your wings men fall to their knees, and kiss the ground. Hallelujah!

mera joy’s Partying Personality Quiz

Contemplative Stoner
You are a relaxed party-goer. You like to light up a bowl, and pass it between a few close friends. You are a master of conversation. Well-versed in the philosophies of the party, you can be a trusted source of insight. When the pot runs out, however, we expect you to call it a night. Why stay up if there is nothing to smoke?

mera joy’s Are You Sexy?

Yes. You are really sexy. You have the figure, the looks, and the smile that drives them mad! Use it to your advantage! Flaunt yourself and have a good time! After all, soon old age will set in, and all that will be gone…

mera joy’s What Simpsons Character are You?

You are a rascal, and a social deviant. You are happiest when you’re causing trouble, and pissing off the authorities. A cherry bomb down the toilet or tagging your name? Who knows what you are going to do next!

mera joy’s How Gay are You?

You’re gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that! You like pink, and rainbows, and Judy Garland.

mera joy’s Are You a Fattie?

You are a fattie! You like to eat, and you don’t like to exercise. You are the typical American, and more power to you for that! Be proud of your body. After all, you have a lot of body to be proud of!

mera joy’s How Will You Die?

It’s both modern and fashionable. Perhaps you have a genetic disposition for it? Perhaps you’ve done a bit too much of the booze and cigarettes? Your fate is already certain, so prevention isn’t really an option. Party it up!


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