Mera Joy Aniolga

In the future?

In Current Events on June 29, 2011 at 6:42 pm
On the right is the mother and son tandem of Marlene Aguilar and Jason Ivler. On the left is the mother and son tandem of St. Augustine and St. Monica.
I can’t help but compare these two mother and son tandems. Jason Ivler is now in jail for killing over traffic problems. His mother, Marlene Aguilar is his staunch defender. She even challenged the father of Jason Ivler’s victim for a fist fight at the famous, Elorde Gym. That’s how crazy she is. But she is just a mother performing her role as a mother to her son who needs her. Good or bad, guilty or not, Jason is her son.
St. Monica they say became as saint because of the deep faith that she developed because of her son’s way of living. St. Augustine is a classic example of a bad turned good person and I find it funny and heart warming at the same time how his mom turned out to be a saint simply by praying for her child’s conversion.
Who knows 100 years from now, we may be having St. Jason and St. Marlene.

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