Mera Joy Aniolga

Not Happy When It Rains

In Current Events, Personal on June 30, 2011 at 3:00 pm

Shirley Manson may be singing her heart out about feeling ecstatic when it rains and when its complicated but in my case, it just won’t work. That’s what makes her a”Shirley Manson”, she has the ability to feel happy when its raining. I am taking the song literally, I know.

I love the sun! I don’t mind the heat as I can go on my daily activities in life with a bearable or even an unbearable heat as compared to the depressing cold. I am not the depressed-emo type of person but rains and cold weather gets the better of me. My boyfriend who happens to be a Nurse tells me its the absence of serotonin that gets me down. Serotonin comes along with the sun. Its absence during the cold and rainy times is the culprit as to why people feel sad. I think this is also the reason as to why most people feel overly emotional at night.

I am not the anorexic type and I would give my arm and leg to be identified with Shirley Manson but I guess when it comes to raining, I can relate more to Karen Carpenter whose spirits are down at the dumps during Rainy Days and Mondays.


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