Mera Joy Aniolga

The Philosophy of Intention

In Family, Personal on August 6, 2011 at 11:09 pm

Picture this: A mother hugs her baby tightly because she has no other means of providing heat other than the human warmth that she can give to her child courtesy of the hug. In the morning, she wakes up with a dead child in her hand. The cause of the child’s death is due to the tightness of her hug.

This is where the philosophy of intention comes in. While her goal is noble, her actions apparently did more bad than good to the child’s fragile body.

Yesterday, my mother told me about my father borrowing money from his brother in Manila. He is set to have an FSB check up, I think he has diabetes or something like that. According to my mother, my father’s salary was late. This is why he borrowed money from his brother. I feel bad for this because he didn’t approach me first. It’s not as if I’m earning millions but I have a little savings and I can provide him with the money that he needs. His intention of not bothering me may be for my own peace of mind but his actions hurt me. It didn’t really hurt me but it kind of “emasculated’ me. I mean, I’m his child, I should be the first person that he should turn to if he needs something.

Anyway, after my mom told me about the borrowing incident, I decided to give my father the amount that he borrowed from his brother. I didn’t give it to my mother because she is some kind of a “fixer” in our home. She would usually cut from what I gave or something. I decided to give the money to my father myself.

Early Sunday morning while we were having our coffee, I gave my father the money. But he didn’t even look at it. He said, I better keep it. I know he is struggling but he is too proud to accept the money from me. I think he sees me as nothing more than the little girl that he raised and supported.

I am 25 but every time I leave the house, my father still gives me “baon”. It’s not that he has a lot of money but I think he feels obligated to give me that “baon”. I think it asserts his  “provider’ role in our family. Yes, my father is the best provider. I look up to him and I want to be just like him. This is why I work my ass off to be a good provider. I just don’t understand why he’d refuse money from me. My intentions may be pure but I think I sort of “hurt” my father by what I did.

Now Machiavelli, can you please tell me if the end really justifies the means?

  1. Thanks Bonnie. I like your post about Cancer Bracelets. Cheers! =)

  2. Now that is some good literature.

  3. Hi Steve! Thanks for the comment. I am very flattered.

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