Mera Joy Aniolga

Torn between two lovers

In Event, Personal on August 15, 2011 at 8:02 am

The title of this post is quite misleading. No I am not at the point of my life where the need to have two hearts is of the essence. I am talking about my couple friends who broke up. They broke up a month ago or so. In my honest opinion, I think it was a disaster waiting to happen. Theirs was not a perfect relationship, it ain’t even close to a regular one. The guy womanizer, the girl would date other guys as some sort of revenge.

I respect my friend, the girl’s right for privacy. She sent me a message not to upload any pictures of her and her new boyfriend. I don’t know if the guy is her boyfriend already but they act like a couple so I assume they are a couple.

I opened my phone today and my friend, the guy was asking help from me. He wants to know the work schedule of the girl because it is their “anniversary” tomorrow. I want to help my friend, the guy but I know that if I ask my friend, the girl about her schedule, she’d be mad at me. Not that I’m scared of her or something, it’s just that I respect her decision.

But I want to help my friend as well. After their break up, the girl would usually come here at my place, the guy on the other hand distanced himself. Arggh I am so confused.

How do I do this?

Fade up music: Its all about the he said, she said……..


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