Mera Joy Aniolga

Sugar, were going down.

In Personal on August 18, 2011 at 7:56 am

If you are going down, you would not want to go down alone. I remember the time when I fell off the irrigation system. I was dripping wet and my grandma, my mom’s auntie was just looking at me trying to suppress a laugh or a guffaw maybe. When she extended her arm to help me, I pulled her down.

I was young kid when that happened. I didn’t know that it was common for people to do it. This is where the damay damay comes in. It’s like “I know I’m in a bad shape, I want you to be in a bad shape too.”

My friend who broke up I think are both now in that stage. It seems to me that this instinct or attitude is not just applicable for little girls who fell off irrigation systems, criminals who get out of jail or Filipino citizen in the us that makes money out of re toting to the us government those who are illegal aliens.


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