Mera Joy Aniolga

Mannie pull a tive

In Uncategorized on August 23, 2011 at 7:03 am

She said he was manipulative. I thought she was just bitter but I saw how he manipulates people. Now I know how manipulative he really is.

We are a group of people who loves to travel. We may have known each other for years but our travels made us closer. We became some sort of a family. But things happen, couples break up and the like.

We have this seat sale trip on October. He said he would come whether the girl comes or not. She on the other hand is determined to come whether he’d be there or not.

When they talked the girl told the guy that she was seeing someone new. She wants that someone new to come. The guy said it was okay. The girl made her someone new book a ticket immediately.

After a week, the guy said he was uncomfortable and that he would tell the girl to leave someone new. He was even willing to pay for someone new’s airfare ticket if he had already booked.

His being uncomfortable is understood but for him to claim that is a win-win situation for them both is something that I can not comprehend. It would be win win for him but not for the girl. The win win for the girl would be to come on the trip with someone new but of course the guy would be uncomfortable in this setting.

I just hope that he didn’t use our name or the clause about us, the friends getting uncomfortable about their situation because frankly speaking, we don’t give a damn anymore.


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