Mera Joy Aniolga

Just another raining Wednesday

In Personal on August 24, 2011 at 7:29 am


I hate it when it rains. It gets in the way of your schedule, it gets in the way of your emotions. I am one of the many who read The Twilight Saga, I skipped the Jacob Part of New Moon though. They live in Forks,Georgia where it rains all the time. Had I been born there or had I lived there, I would have been the laziest and emo-iest person ever.

My boyfriend says it’s the serotonin thing that depresses me during the absence of the Sun but hey, I live in the Philippines where according to Glee’s Lea Michelle is sunny all the time. Why of course it should really be sunny in here! What are beaches for other than for frolicking in the sun?

This Friday we are going to Boracay. I want it to be sunny as my parents may not allow me to go to the beach on a rainy slash stormy weather like this. Yes I may be 25, earning my own money and all but I still live with my parents and just like any 15 year old kid, I need to ask their permission first before leaving.

Calling out to the Universe to please make the sun shine tomorrow until Sunday.


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