Mera Joy Aniolga

Awesome Weekend

In Travelling on August 31, 2011 at 8:15 am

My weekend started last Friday, August 26. 6 of us went to San Jose Antique to pick up our friend, Eden. She works at a bank there.

We left Iloilo City at around 5 pm. It was raining and all but we were determined to go to Boracay via Culasi. It’s a different route. Hmm let just say that were adventurous that way.

At around 6 pm, there was a landslide somewhere in Antique. The damage was bad as vehicles could not get through it. We were left with no choice but to walk in the damaged area and ride on the next bus. (Buses going to Iloilo could not get through in the same way that buses going to Antique could not get through as well.)

Other than the Ceres Liner, there are also vans for hire going to and fro. The people in this vans made us uncomfortable in the Ceres. We walked slow because of our bags and we were almost left by the Ceres which is unfair because we were the original passengers with the tickets and all.

It was raining from Iloilo to antique up to our first day in Boracay. Our weekend is long, wet and filled with a lot of fun.


-met at Starmart in the afternoon
-went to the terminal (walking distance from the met up place)
-walked in the landslide
-arrived at Antique
-dinner at a bar slash restaurant below our friend’s boarding house
-power napped at our friend’s boarding house with Gladys, her housemate.


-arrived at Dalipe for the first trip to Caticlan (3 am)
-shouted to wake the drivers up
-got off at Nabas, Aklan and waited for a jeep to Caticlan
-arrived in Boracay
-checked in at St. Vincent at Station 2, just at the back of La Carmela.
-lunch at Smoke
-dinner at Big Momma’s
-hang out at Exit
-hang out at Jungle Bar


-brunch at Mama Mias ( I am not so sure of the name of the place)
-checked out the place
-bathed at station one
-merienda at Jonah’s
-dinner at Mang Inasal
-hang out at our place


-check out at Saint Vincent
-brunch at carinderia
-met up with Jess for reef walking
-reef walking at Bolabog Beach.
-prepared to go home
-arrived at Caticlan
-negotiate but we did not give in
-went back to Boracay
-dinner at Gasthof
-slept at the staff house of Harren’s Nanay


-brunch at carinderia
-go home


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