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Empathy vs Sympathy

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Last week, I had a one on one encounter with sympathy and empathy. The former is defined as feeling sorry for someone while the latter is defined as putting yourself in another person’s shoe.

We went to Yato last week. This is the first time that Harren, Timi and Rogeric will be one place place at the same time. Things turned out okay. I was empathizing with Harren as I know how he was feeling seeing Timi in another guy’s arm.

They wanted to watch Rakenrol but it was no longer in the shown so we decided to eat our lunch at Samurai. Harren was making discreet passes which I know are for Timi. I sympathize with Rogeric as I know how difficult it is to play deaf when you know that every bits and pieces of your being the new guy is challenged.

Sympathy and empathy, they are two things that makes us human. I think that our ability to sympathize makes us all the more of a social being, we can relate, we can feel. However, it does not make the wrong right. I empathize with the old boyfriend but I sympathize with the new one.



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My boyfriend is a smoker and I want him to quit. It’s been years but this time I am serious. I will keep on blogging about his deadly hobby for as long as he does it.

I was planning on putting it on his wall but he said it would embarrass him if I do that so I’ll privately send it to him though I know he won’t be reading the posts.

Should he smoke in front of me, I would post on his wall.


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Is it a big house?
Is it a 6 figure salary?
Is it an MBA or Ph D?
Is it a family?

Just like beauty, success depends on the eye of the beholder. Nobody can tell you how successful you are other than yourself. You may have a good job with a good pay but you want to be nothing more than a wife and have kids, then you are not successful. You may have 5 luxury cars but all you want is a simple life with a pink beetle, then you are not successful.

To other people, money is the ultimate measure of success but is it really money?

Your money is good but I prefer fulfillment.

And how will I get this fulfillment?

Surely it’s not sold in the malls or in eBay. Fulfillment is a feeling of satisfaction or even bliss.This is what you get when you feel good in doing what you want. You may have topped the board exam for Nursing but if you really want to be a Pilot, even that topping of board exam can not give you fulfillment thus it can not be counted as success.

Conceiving and achieving

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Lately I have been thinking of what I want my future to look like. I have been visualizing our house and the way I want it to look like after a few years.

Considering how expensive building materials are these days, I know I am at a point where I still can’t afford to have my visualization realized.

But I have an idea on how to achieve it little by little. For now, I have that picture in my mind. That picture will inspire me to work my ass off in order to achieve and make that picture a reality and not just a product of my overly active imagination.

Bollywood Movie Night

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Last night, we had a Bollywood Movie Marathon. We were supposed to play Wii but the owner left a cable so we ended up watching two Bollywood Films.

Call me a Bollywood Ignoramus but other than Slumdog Millionaire, my exposure to Films from India is zero.

The first film that we watched was Every Child is Special. It is a story about a dyslexic kid whose parents are in denial of their child’s condition. It’s a tear jerker and I would have cried a bucket of tears had I been watching it alone. I was with my friends, I had to bite my tongue or look away in order to stop myself from crying or else I would have been the butt of all jokes. One of my friends cried though but discreetly.

The next film that we watched is Ghanjini. The twist of the film is more than awesome. I loved it as it was able to make my laugh and almost cry all at the same time. The story is about a rich guy who falls in love with a girl who made up a story about them being a couple in order to gain the respect that she wanted from her boss. The first part of the diary is a series of fortunate events as it is the flashback part that makes one laugh and feel a bit giddy as well. After the flashbacks, the real life of the lead actor is scary and meaningless as he is out to seek revenge though his memory fails him every after 15 minutes.

The lead actor in Ghanjini is the supporting role in the first movie. I can say that this actor is really good. His versatility is not just in his acting skills but in his looks as well.

I may not be a fan of the singing and dancing but the story, the acting, the cinematography and everything else in between of Bollywood films are awesome!


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I don’t know if it’s just me and Nick Hornby but I am the type of person who makes bargains with the Universe/ God in times of dire need.

I know about Nick Hornby’s bargaining agreement as it was clearly stated in his book, Fever Pitch. In times that he wanted Arsenal to win, he would make bargains with the higher being.

There is this song, Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. I think it’s by the Smiths. The song does not talk about bargaining in exchange of getting the thing that it wants the most but I have a feeling that the one who wrote the song ( If it’s by the Smiths then it’s probably Morissey) was also making bargains.

This practice no matter how atheist we claim to be or how open minded and scientific we are only boils down to one thing, the idea of having a supreme being to turn to in times of desperation and such can give us the strength that we need.

And that’s a nice feeling in my opinion. A better feeling as compared to that of a person who has no one to turn to but himself. In times of desperation, you have no one but yourself to blame and when you start to lose hope, you will surely lose it as there is no presence or idea of someone who will make things right for you other than your desperate and hopeless self.

The Line That Divides

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We take beauty pageants seriously, way too seriously! Considering how good we are at it, I think, it’s all worth it.

I noticed that for several years, we have been so close in getting the title but still no luck. I think it’s the product of the seriousness that we put into beauty patents.

I mean, whether they win or not, they’ll end up endorsing this or that, or having a movie or so.

I thought she’d win. I mean she is from UP, a consistent honor student and all, I was expecting her to win. But she didn’t. And it’s okay. I mean, life does not end there. I mentally supported her but I did not go out of my way of say waking up early and tuning in to monitor the results.

I was supporting her because she is a Filipino and she represents the country. Her answer is okay with me I mean, if that is what she wants then so be it. Why answer pretentious stuff just to get the crown?

I find it funny how others blame the Filipino Judge Lea Salonga for asking a very easy question to Miss Angola and all that. Hello? Are you people aware that these questions are pre-written?

I am not in any way disheartened or disappointed, maybe my indifference about beauty pageants makes me feel this way. But for me, Miss Universe is just like a regular Pacqiao fight, I am happy if he wins but if he doesn’t that’s okay.

I guess not everyone in this country takes The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant way too seriously.I see it for what it is, entertainment. That is what we need to learn as a country. Distinguish the thin line that divided entertainment from life, from politics and everything else.

Even if Supsup won the crown, nothing will change. we are still one of the poorest countries in the world, politicians will still be corrupt and the price of gas will continue to rise.

Let us all move forward with our lives, be happy for Miss Angola and hope for a better result next year.We have pressing have more important issues to to address other than beauty pageants.

Guess See

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We usually go to Guimaras in the mornings but last Saturday was different. We went there at around 4 pm. We did not have a solid plan,we did not have an itinerary.

We decided to meet at Ortiz but it was probably under renovation or something. We went to the Parola wharf instead. We arrived at the Jordan Wharf at around 5 pm. We had no idea where to go, people there were asking us about our destination. In the end we decided to go to Kenyama instead.

The trip took longer as compared to that of Alubihod or Lawi. Guisi is in Nueva Valencia. It is where the tower is. We arrived at around 7 pm and we were dead hungry. The resort had no meals to serve other than breakfast meals which costs about 130 pesos (Iced Tea plus a Silog of your choice.)

The room that we took was an native cottage room with a sleeping area. We paid 1200 pesos for it. The comfort room was just a few paces away from our cottage. There was a shower area and two areas for answering nature’s calls.

In the morning we went to the Tower, we took photos there. The entrance to the tower is 10 pesos per person. If it’s not for it’s history, you would not want to visit the place I mean, its nothing but an unused tower, no nothings.

There is a new white tower that is in use. It is beside the old rusty tower. If you ask the caretaker, they can going up there is okay. If you go there, you get to see the big white warning on the old tower about the dangers of going up. You decide for yourself whether you think it’s worth it or not. I did come up the, the view if great but the risk of the tower, parts falling off and all is very very likely to occur. There were five of us there. We took turns in going up as we were scared that we might ruin the ruins if all five of us climb in there at the same time.

Going back, we used another route, by shore. There were stones where we needed to climb and all. That was the adventure part of our trip. It was fun and scary. It’s not really that dangerous but we had electronics that we were trying to protect thus we were scared of falling off.

The things that you own end up owning you was very true. kudos to Chuck Palahnuik in that quote in his book, Fight Club. I now know and understand that feeling.

Run Mera Run

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Mannie Pacquiao, this man boxed his way to the top. He started as a construction worker, an amateur boxer, a mexican beater ( Is there such a thing? But it’s obvious that he was able to beat every Mexican boxer there is. ), a singer and a politician.

Now there is this news about him running on the next Presidential Election on 2012. I think there is a great chance that he will win. I am positive that he will win. Considering how FPJ, the King of Philippine Cinema allegedly won and was robbed of the presidency by the most hated president of the country, PGMA, I think Mannie Pacquiao will win.

I am not jaded or anything but I just know how the masses think of him. He has the money and the fame which is pretty much the only requirements needed in order to succeed in having a political career. I am not saying that most politicians here are that way. There are smart ones, there are ones who genuinely care but then again, they are just some. Most are actors, rich kids, famous people with famous parents, athletes and all that.

I am proud to be a Filipino. My backpack is evidence of that pride, it has a flag. I travel to promote the beauty of my country. When I post pictures on the net, I want local and foreign travelers to feel the urge to see the place that I have been to that way they get to help the tricycle drivers, the vendors, the souvenir shop operators and so on.

I don’t want to see a Philippine ruled by an ex-boxer, let alone live in it. I am not even bothered by his intellect, educational background or English speaking skills but we would be the butt of all jokes if we make a president out of a retired boxer. America didn’t make a president out of a paraplegic Mohomad Ali. Well, Mohamad Ali has the decency not to run.

I use to not have a solid plan. I use to live from one target to another but if this is the case, I am now saving up for 2016. I don’t mind working in other country in a job that I am not satisfied with. I don’t mind the cold weather if say, I go to countries with Winters or extremely hot weather if say, I go to the middle east. I am willing to sacrifice the comforts of home in exchange of not seeing and hearing him on every kinds of mass media for 6 years.

I will save up, I will enroll in courses like housekeeping, welding, anything at all. I will leave home where everything is for free, even the cotton buds are free. But I will be back when his term is over unless of course he becomes some kind of a GMA who extended her stay whether we liked it or not.

This is it!

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