Mera Joy Aniolga

Which way is it again?

In Personal, Uncategorized on September 3, 2011 at 6:23 am

Selecta says “follow your heart”,Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist had the main character Santiago chase his dreams, Steve Jobs talks about connecting the dots in the future and trusting your heart in the present. Dante preaches in The Divine Comedy and Karl Marx reiterates in Das Kapital to follow your path and let people talk. While all of these came from successful companies and people, the other thing in common of these messages is that we should do the things that we want the most.

In a country as poor as ours, can we afford to do these things? If you were born with a silver spoon on your mouth the your mouth and you have open minded parents then you are most definitely free to pursue your interests. But what about the poor people, what about the children of those who are living below poverty line? They have dreams to, don’t they?

Inequality has always been a big problem in all aspects of human life. I for one do not belong in the super privileged but for our class, I sure am lucky to be able to a good school and all that. I pity those people who have to sacrifice their dreams because of say, money. Considering the fact that we are the number one producer of workers in hospitals, ships, household help and the like, we are also the number one country to kill the dreams its people. We are the number one jailer of our people. We lock them up in other countries to earn money for their families. We postpone the fulfillment of their desires in exchange of a little comfort in life.

Not everyone who works abroad are forced to do that. I have this nurse friend whose dream ever since we were young was to be one. I have a cousin who at a tender age of 8 wants to be a japayuki. If she ends up becoming one, I think she’d be a happy japayuki as it is what she wants. While there may be a few who are living their dreams while working in other countries, there are many who are giving up their aspirations while working there.I know a lot of women who just wants to be a “mother” to their children. They can not afford to live out this dream as they are busy mothering other people’s children in another country. There are those whose dream is to live on the beach and collect sea shells at night but they are trapped in the four corners of their offices in the middle of the desert.

I have a lot of nurse friends. I ask them what they’re ultimate dreams are. Timi, now working at a hospital in Iloilo always wanted to be a veterinarian. She is like the Cesar Millian of her place but she took up Nursing as it is practical. Augustine, after two years of working as a volunteer nurse gave it all up. He now wants to be a photographer. When he was younger, he wanted to be a bus conductor. Cathy, another nurse is sati trod her application for New Zealand to be cleared. She is not poor as her father is a Ship Captain but she forces herself to work as a nurse here and soon a nurse, there. If  Timi gives it all up to be a vet, people would raise their eyebrows in the same way that Augustine’s folks do not understand why he gave it all up. If Cathy chooses not to go to NZ and be with her boyfriend here, people would ask WHY?  But if they are living their dreams then who are we to question them?

I am not a nurse.I am not bitter about these lack of employment for nurses but if my memory serves me right, how many of these young people have to give up their dream course and future dream life just to take up nursing as it was the fad 5 years ago.

Robert Frost talks about taking the road less travelled which is totally fine if you are happy with it and if you really want to embark on an unknown journey at an unknown road. The great minds who talks about following your heart and all that never told us which way to go. To each his own I suppose. Whatever floats your boat and keeps you burning will eventually lead you to the right path.

And just like Jollibee, always “bee happy”along the way.


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