Mera Joy Aniolga


In Personal on September 7, 2011 at 5:42 am

A couple of hours ago, a friend asked me about my goals. He wants to know what my long term goals are.

I have my targets in mind but I never really looked into them. I am the type of person who makes plans, sticks to it but changes it if needed be. For instance I keep 20 % of my income for Life Saving Purposes. My goal was to reach 100,000 before the year end but I’ve spent almost half of it because of my activities for the past few months. I went to see a concert in Manila, twice. I went to different places twice, I bought a gadget. While some of these things may not be part of my plan, there are times when refusing such things will make you regret this or that. And I don’t want to feel regrets of any sort. I mean my goal of 100k is just money but the experience is very much worth it. And I can start all over again.

My plan for the 100k is for a time deposit or something. I still have two places to go to before the year ends and I am not sure if I’d be able to reach my target but I am still hoping. I mean, it ain’t over until it’s over right?

Last year, my goal was to travel this year and true that. I went to a lot of places this year. I have still many places to visit for the last quarter of the year. I am very pleased with myself that I was able to reach this short term goal of mine. I understand that I am not getting any younger. What if I wake up one day with a blind eye or the kind of carpal tunnel?

I am thinking ahead as I know the importance of saving but I also don’t want to be the kind of person who becomes a slave to money. I want to live my life while I’m still young.

My plan is to pay all the necessary things like Philhealth, SSS and the like. These monthly obligations will help me when I reach the age of 65 as SSS will give me the pension and Philhealth will cover for the times that I am sick in the hospital and unable to work.

I am a simple person with simple dreams. I want to live a life where I get what I want. It’s okay if I need to save up for it as I don’t want to be filthy rich. I just want to be free and satisfied. I want to be free to travel, I want to be free to save up for a good house. I want a good life as a good person and not as a powerful person.

I recognize the need for a sleeping income. This is why I am saving up for my sleeping income. It may not be that lucrative but if it gives you the money that you need for say, monthly bills then it should be enough.

My job at home is not stable. I try to look for ways to make it stable. I juggle several jobs. The thing with home jobs is that it can be canceled anytime and if you have back up jobs, you won’t start at Square One should a major client end a contract.

I reckon that if I have a sleeping income, I can still work on this job until say, I am very old. My sleeping income will send my children to school, pay monthly bills and such. My monthly salary will be used for savings and other needs at home. I will live in places where I am free to have a laid back life. My boyfriend and I have parents who live in the city, if our children wants to live in the city, they can live with my parents or his parents.

I will write a book, live in a farm or beach. We will travel for pleasure. My 7,107 challenge will be accomplished. Now if you’ll excuse me as I need to work again for my 100k target.


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