Mera Joy Aniolga

The Line That Divides

In Current Events on September 13, 2011 at 9:24 am


We take beauty pageants seriously, way too seriously! Considering how good we are at it, I think, it’s all worth it.

I noticed that for several years, we have been so close in getting the title but still no luck. I think it’s the product of the seriousness that we put into beauty patents.

I mean, whether they win or not, they’ll end up endorsing this or that, or having a movie or so.

I thought she’d win. I mean she is from UP, a consistent honor student and all, I was expecting her to win. But she didn’t. And it’s okay. I mean, life does not end there. I mentally supported her but I did not go out of my way of say waking up early and tuning in to monitor the results.

I was supporting her because she is a Filipino and she represents the country. Her answer is okay with me I mean, if that is what she wants then so be it. Why answer pretentious stuff just to get the crown?

I find it funny how others blame the Filipino Judge Lea Salonga for asking a very easy question to Miss Angola and all that. Hello? Are you people aware that these questions are pre-written?

I am not in any way disheartened or disappointed, maybe my indifference about beauty pageants makes me feel this way. But for me, Miss Universe is just like a regular Pacqiao fight, I am happy if he wins but if he doesn’t that’s okay.

I guess not everyone in this country takes The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant way too seriously.I see it for what it is, entertainment. That is what we need to learn as a country. Distinguish the thin line that divided entertainment from life, from politics and everything else.

Even if Supsup won the crown, nothing will change. we are still one of the poorest countries in the world, politicians will still be corrupt and the price of gas will continue to rise.

Let us all move forward with our lives, be happy for Miss Angola and hope for a better result next year.We have pressing have more important issues to to address other than beauty pageants.


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