Mera Joy Aniolga


In Uncategorized on September 19, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Is it a big house?
Is it a 6 figure salary?
Is it an MBA or Ph D?
Is it a family?

Just like beauty, success depends on the eye of the beholder. Nobody can tell you how successful you are other than yourself. You may have a good job with a good pay but you want to be nothing more than a wife and have kids, then you are not successful. You may have 5 luxury cars but all you want is a simple life with a pink beetle, then you are not successful.

To other people, money is the ultimate measure of success but is it really money?

Your money is good but I prefer fulfillment.

And how will I get this fulfillment?

Surely it’s not sold in the malls or in eBay. Fulfillment is a feeling of satisfaction or even bliss.This is what you get when you feel good in doing what you want. You may have topped the board exam for Nursing but if you really want to be a Pilot, even that topping of board exam can not give you fulfillment thus it can not be counted as success.


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