Mera Joy Aniolga

To Cathy

In Family, Personal on March 14, 2012 at 7:09 pm

9 months ago, she told us she was leaving soon. She did not give specific dates for she herself did not know when. We didn’t know if soon meant tomorrow, a week after tomorrow, a month after May or a year from now. We just held on to the idea that she is leaving soon. We did not want to worry over the specifics of soon.

We focused on making the most out of the time that was left. We ate outside, we frolicked in the beach, we visited waterfalls, we met at the malls, we celebrated her birthday early, we laughed, we gossiped, we raised our brows, we had our hairs rebonded, we danced under the moon, we sang like there was no tomorrow, we mourned over deaths of celebrities- we did all those crazy things.

Time passed, we weren’t that bothered about her leaving anymore. We knew it was soon and I thought I was ready for it. But here I am crying in front of my computer knowing that a friend is leaving soon.

Now I know that soon meant summer (our favorite time of the year!) and that I will never be ready for goodbyes.

I know I should be happy and all
But I feel like I am Kevin Roy
Who just lost Karl Roy
Over something which is undeafeatable

I know she’ll still be around
But not in the way that I want to
I can feel feel my heart pound
Because I know that she is leaving on the 22

She may not be my sister
But I really liked her
There are times when she is so crazy
But I can’t blame her, after all her name is Cathy

I know this is an end of an era
For soon she will be in New Zealand
But I will always remember, the days of Cathy and Mera
Laughing, singing and doing crazy things here in their homeland.

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