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I don’t know if it’s just me and Nick Hornby but I am the type of person who makes bargains with the Universe/ God in times of dire need.

I know about Nick Hornby’s bargaining agreement as it was clearly stated in his book, Fever Pitch. In times that he wanted Arsenal to win, he would make bargains with the higher being.

There is this song, Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. I think it’s by the Smiths. The song does not talk about bargaining in exchange of getting the thing that it wants the most but I have a feeling that the one who wrote the song ( If it’s by the Smiths then it’s probably Morissey) was also making bargains.

This practice no matter how atheist we claim to be or how open minded and scientific we are only boils down to one thing, the idea of having a supreme being to turn to in times of desperation and such can give us the strength that we need.

And that’s a nice feeling in my opinion. A better feeling as compared to that of a person who has no one to turn to but himself. In times of desperation, you have no one but yourself to blame and when you start to lose hope, you will surely lose it as there is no presence or idea of someone who will make things right for you other than your desperate and hopeless self.


Run Mera Run

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Mannie Pacquiao, this man boxed his way to the top. He started as a construction worker, an amateur boxer, a mexican beater ( Is there such a thing? But it’s obvious that he was able to beat every Mexican boxer there is. ), a singer and a politician.

Now there is this news about him running on the next Presidential Election on 2012. I think there is a great chance that he will win. I am positive that he will win. Considering how FPJ, the King of Philippine Cinema allegedly won and was robbed of the presidency by the most hated president of the country, PGMA, I think Mannie Pacquiao will win.

I am not jaded or anything but I just know how the masses think of him. He has the money and the fame which is pretty much the only requirements needed in order to succeed in having a political career. I am not saying that most politicians here are that way. There are smart ones, there are ones who genuinely care but then again, they are just some. Most are actors, rich kids, famous people with famous parents, athletes and all that.

I am proud to be a Filipino. My backpack is evidence of that pride, it has a flag. I travel to promote the beauty of my country. When I post pictures on the net, I want local and foreign travelers to feel the urge to see the place that I have been to that way they get to help the tricycle drivers, the vendors, the souvenir shop operators and so on.

I don’t want to see a Philippine ruled by an ex-boxer, let alone live in it. I am not even bothered by his intellect, educational background or English speaking skills but we would be the butt of all jokes if we make a president out of a retired boxer. America didn’t make a president out of a paraplegic Mohomad Ali. Well, Mohamad Ali has the decency not to run.

I use to not have a solid plan. I use to live from one target to another but if this is the case, I am now saving up for 2016. I don’t mind working in other country in a job that I am not satisfied with. I don’t mind the cold weather if say, I go to countries with Winters or extremely hot weather if say, I go to the middle east. I am willing to sacrifice the comforts of home in exchange of not seeing and hearing him on every kinds of mass media for 6 years.

I will save up, I will enroll in courses like housekeeping, welding, anything at all. I will leave home where everything is for free, even the cotton buds are free. But I will be back when his term is over unless of course he becomes some kind of a GMA who extended her stay whether we liked it or not.

This is it!

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Carry on Mel Carreon

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On our city, there is this guy who keeps on running for different positions come election time. I started voting 7 years ago. If my memory serves me right, I think he was running for Mayor or Vice Mayor at that time. He filed candidacy for mayor, vice mayor and even presidency.

And I kept on voting for him, ever since. The computerized ballots this year pisses me off as I can’t vote for him. You see, he filed for presidency this year and was labeled as a nuisance candidate. His name was nowhere to be found in the ballot. I did the next best thing that I could do, I voted someone with the last name of Carreon. I assume it’s his wife, sister or daughter.

Back when ballots were as blank as a Stoner’s fried brain, I would write his name on the position that he is running for. In the spots where I do not know who to vote for or spots where I don’t like all the running candidates, I would write his name. It’s not that I am making fun of him. It’s just that I want to show these seasoned politicians or the people who tally the votes that I’d rather vote for Mel Careon rather than waste my vote on those people who are only good to you during the campaign season.

I never received any money from Mel Carreon. I accept money from other politicians. At first, I was hesitant in accepting the money but it’s the people’s money anyway. This is the tax that we paid for when we ordered food. This is the tax that we paid for when we came to Boracay. This is the environmental fee for this place and that place. It’s my money, I am keeping it but no Sir, I am not voting for you.

Back to the guy that I am talking about, Mel Carreon. According to my friend who works at an insurance agency, this guy is an issuance agent or something like that. The point is that he has a 9 to 5 job and he works for his political dream after office hours. And that makes him completely sane in my vocabulary.

I usually see him in the streets of Iloilo wearing his mask, he doubles as a traffic enforcer at times. People would wave at him, I assume in mockery as they know him as the guy who keeps on running but not winning.

I must admit, the first time I voted for him, back when I was 18 was just to make a statement for myself. I wanted to be different. I wanted to be funny. I wanted my friends to have something weird to talk about when they talk about me. But in the long run, I’ve come to realize that Mel Carreon and I are of the same spirit. We are the type of people who would never give up on our dreams.

People may laugh at him, people may call him crazy and all that. But these people do not see the dreamer who just won’t give up. I imagine Mel Carreon having dreams of changing Iloilo or corrupting as many money as he can. Whatever his goal in his running for these positions is up to him. What I respect and admire in him is that he never gives up. He sets his mind about him being a politician. It’s his passion. It’s his goal. It’s his desire. Its what keeps him sane or insane.

I have more respect for Mel Careon, a man who pursues his passion as compared to those rich men with fat bank accounts who gave up their dreams in exchange of a stable job, a six figure salary or a big house.

Who cares about your money when you are not fulfilled in your job? I think stress is the main reason as to why a lot of people are unhappy with their lives. In perfect world, we would all artists, ballet dancers, poets, millionaires, managers and the like. But this is not a perfect world, giving up on your dreams makes you a living dead, pursuing your dreams at all cost makes you crazy unless you have rich parents or incredible talent where you get to live your dreams without thinking of money. The best way is to find a balance between the two. Work at a job that you love, like or hate but gives you the finds that you need and the freedom to pursue your dreams which gives you the fulfillment that money can not buy.

And I think, Mel Carreon has it all figured out.And that is why I am voting for him. That is why I am his fan. I like him in the same way that I like Steve Jobs. Cool people who knows what they want and pursues it, the only difference between the two is that the latter has already achieved his goal while the former is still working on it. And my point is that both, never thought of giving up.


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Steve Jobs resigned from Apple and I am deeply saddened by this news. It’s not that I am a die hard Apple fan or that I fear the delay of iPhone 5. I have an iPad and I don’t plan to purchase any Apple product soon.

I know he is rich and all the last thing that I need to feel about him is be sorry. But if I set capitalism aside, I have nothing but sympathy for this guy. Shoot me!

For one, he is the epitome of “follow your heart and everything will turn out right” kind of life. I don’t know if geeks here in my country, being a 3rd world can afford that kind of luck. To be a drop out of say AMA computer college and succeed like Steve Jobs did. I am not trying to question the talent of computer people here, I have always believed in the genius and talent of Filipinos but when it comes looking ahead, say setting up a company or something like that, where will an AMA dropout genius get the funds that he needs?Again, we have to blame our government for this. But I am not talking about inequality of life. I am here to salute the passion of the man behind Apple and Pixar.

He did not die and though my Facebook post may seem like an obituary for him, I feel like the resignation killed something in that man. A spark, a fire, a passion. I am mourning for that loss. I feel bad that a believer in dreams, destiny, karma and everything else in between has to feel this way.

I imagine Steve jobs crying, depressed and wanting to die. Not because he lost power, stocks, control or anything like that. Nothing financial but more on the fact that he no longer has the same power over something which defined his life. Something which money can not buy. It’s the fulfillment that a mother gets when all her children grows up to be good citizens. Imagine telling this mom that she no longer will be the mother of these kids that she raised. I think that is how Steve Jobs is feeling right now.

I may be romanticizing this and that. Maybe I need to learn about his other side if there are any but I choose to settle for the Steve Jobs who went to hell and back, slept on the floors, ate free meals at Hare Krishna Temples, went to India, survived cancer, followed his heart and lived to tell the tale.

His legacy may be forever tainted with Apple but for me, it’s his passion that will leave a bigger and better mark in this world and not just in Silicon Valley.

To Steve Jobs:

Dude, to burn out may be such an awful feeling and I feel bad for you. But I just want to let you know that you have been an inspiration to a lot of people. I am a fan of your genius but I am a follower of your PASSION.

I will never listen to other people, I will never live my life for others and I promise to pursue what I love. I will connect the dots and look backwards in my old age for I know that just like you it will lead me to the right path.

Torn between two lovers

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The title of this post is quite misleading. No I am not at the point of my life where the need to have two hearts is of the essence. I am talking about my couple friends who broke up. They broke up a month ago or so. In my honest opinion, I think it was a disaster waiting to happen. Theirs was not a perfect relationship, it ain’t even close to a regular one. The guy womanizer, the girl would date other guys as some sort of revenge.

I respect my friend, the girl’s right for privacy. She sent me a message not to upload any pictures of her and her new boyfriend. I don’t know if the guy is her boyfriend already but they act like a couple so I assume they are a couple.

I opened my phone today and my friend, the guy was asking help from me. He wants to know the work schedule of the girl because it is their “anniversary” tomorrow. I want to help my friend, the guy but I know that if I ask my friend, the girl about her schedule, she’d be mad at me. Not that I’m scared of her or something, it’s just that I respect her decision.

But I want to help my friend as well. After their break up, the girl would usually come here at my place, the guy on the other hand distanced himself. Arggh I am so confused.

How do I do this?

Fade up music: Its all about the he said, she said……..


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I am not the type of person who works hard everyday of her life. But over the last month, I got so busy with my job. I feel bad for breaking my promise to update this blog every single day of my life but hey, I need cash.






Manila-Pampanga (not so sure on this though but my parents are sure to go.)


Cebu-Bantayan Island



This is why I’m working my ass off. This is why I spend 5 days a week at home in front of my computer. If the world will end on 2012, at least I got to see Brandon Boyd and Jonathan Davis.

As Joey De Leon said, T.I.T.E (trabaho,  ipon, travel, enjoy!)

Quality vs. Quantity

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My first and last expensive watch.

When I was 11 years old, I saved up for my first expensive watch. It was a Casio Baby-G which costs at about 5,ooo Php. For my cheapskate and pessimistic mother, it was too expensive and too risky.

Why risky?

I might lose such an expensive watch or I might lose an arm if the “snatcher” decides to chop off my hand along with the watch. But that’s just Medialyn being Medialyn.

After a year or so, my blue Baby-G vanished into thin air. The sad thing about its disappearance is that I don’t know if it was stolen, misplaced or forgotten. My mother was right all along, I will lose it. Had I known it earlier, I would have had my name and address engraved on it or I would have purchased a knock-off. But I was being me, stubborn and so I got what I deserved.

The disappearance of my watch did not bother me one bit except for the money issue. The watch was really nothing to me. It was just a trend, the fad faded and I was not into the watch anymore or shall I say, I was never into watches.

My father would buy watches for me every now and then, same as my mother. My boyfriend used to buy me watches too. But if it were up to me, I would never buy a thing as horrible as a watch. Don’t get me wrong, I was not traumatized by my Baby-G incident, it was just the tip of the iceberg. I have a bigger and better reason to dread watches, clocks, sundials and other means of telling time.

I find watches cute, I buy them or I make my boyfriend buy them for me so I can coordinate them with my outfit. These cheap watches you can buy in different colors and design. Blue watch for blue shirt, pink watch for pink shoes and so on. As these are cheap watches, no one is interested in snatching or stealing them which is good. But they damage easily. Their straps break, their batteries run out, their colors fade.

This is when I realized that I was wearing watches not for the time but for shallow reasons. One is for fashion and other one is for the  ‘status symbol” that it offers. The more expensive your watch is, the higher your social status will be.

Its no wonder they break and disappear easily. Geneva watchmakers say that watches have souls. If what these watchmakers say is true, I must be violating the soul of the watches that I wear.
This is why I decided to stop wearing watches. I am not into them. Just because my Nurse friends have colorful and fashionable watches does not mean I have to jump at the watch-bandwagon too. I am so over the stage where I use watch for fashion.
I am always late anyway. Having a watch on wrist would be like wearing an orange shirt with a P on it after you’ve escaped from prison.

They would say, “Why are you late? You know what time is it, right? But if I don’t have a watch, I have an alibi. Sorry, I don’t have a watch. I was not aware of the time.

For me, time is qualitative. I don’t want to measure in minutes, seconds or hours. You don’t say, “I got married at 3:45 pm.” But rather, “The TIME when I got married was the BEST TIME of my life”. You don’t say, I hate 12:15’s because it is the time my Grandpa died. You say, “I hate TIMES OF GRIEF.”

You forget the time and the date but you don’t forget the feeling. I forgot what time is it that we went to Sagada but I will never forget the time that we spent there. I forgot what time is it that Basti Artadi handed me the autographed album sleeve but I will never forget what I felt that that moment.

Specifics are important, most especially if you are in court or under investigation. I have my unreliable cell phone to tell me the time, the quantitative time for that matter. I have my ever-reliable heart to tell me another kind of time, the qualitative time that is.

I refuse to wear a watch. I don’t wear a watch. I don’t need it in my life, not right now at least. The last thing that I would want to put on my wrist is a time-bomb ticking every second telling me that time is indeed running out.

For now, I am happy to use adjectives instead of numbers when telling, measuring and reminiscing time.

The (little) Girl from Boracay

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This is Ara Sastre.  She is Harren’s adopted sister. By adopted I mean contractual adoption. By contractual adoption I mean as long as Ara wants to live in iloilo, she gets to live with her Kuya Harren.

I don’t know the basics, the ins and outs of the deal. All I know is that Ara is the little girl who accompanies Harren’s mom if she is in Boracay.

Last June, Ara was made to stay with her Kuya Harren in Iloilo. Since Harren’s mom travels here and there as part of her job.  My friend basically lives by himself. This is where Ara, the adopted sister comes in handy. She will keep Harren company.

On the weekends, we would usually go out somewhere or hang out at Harren’s place. Ara, in some way became “part” of the group. I became her Ate Mera, Timi became her Ate Timi and so on. She would draw us as princesses, cats and the like.

This March, she decided to go back to Boracay. She probably misses her old life, her parents and her extended family in the island.

I miss her. This photo of her made me cry. This was taken last week when Harren went to Boracay for a vacation. Ara looks so different in this picture. She looks at home. She is at home. She looks happy. And as I’ve said, I miss her.

Booksale Loot

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I went to Booksale today. I got three books. One is EB White’s Charlotte’s Web. It looks new, it smells new, it feels new. Not bad for its price of 45 Php.

My next find is Roddy Doyle’s The Woman Who Walked Into Doors. I have read Paula Spencer. I’m just not sure whether this book is its sequel or prequel, either way it is still a Roddy Doyle book and I would bet my life on this book being a good read. I paid 75 php for this book, a bit too pricey as compared to my other Roddy Doyle books. I thought of waiting for it to be cheap but I thought better, others might buy it and I didn’t want to take the risk.

Last but definitely not the least is Willa Cather’s My Antonia. Patience is a virtue, I’ve waited for this book to reach this extremely low price. When I first saw it, its price is 120 Php. After a few months, it became 80 Php. Last week, it was 40 Php and now it is just 20 Php.

Three good books for 155 pesos. I don’t know with you guys but for me, Booksale is heaven on earth.