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Oedipus Complex

In Art, Fast-food Literature on April 14, 2011 at 8:20 pm

She was standing in front of a life-sized mirror. Taking her garments one at a time until there was nothing left but a sheer camisole.

The room is empty. Just the two of them. The lady in front of the room almost naked while he was on the bed-in his birthday suit. The summer heat made him sweat; the cool breeze comes in and out of the window every now and then.

But he was not able to notice it, he just sat there on the bed, eyes fixed on the mesmerizing view in front of him.

Never mind the beautiful afternoon sun or the scenic view of the mountain, not even rustling of the wind. He was transfixed over this enigmatic view in front of him.

Her long black hair danced harmoniously to her every movement, the caramel skin, so radiant and tantalizing to look at, especially under the sheer mystery of the laces. The silhouette of her body, those wide hips, small waist and bare back: what a thing of beauty!

He could stay this way forever, simply stare and marvel at the beauty and perfection of the  woman.

He was sleepy but he would not dare close his eyes for this miracle might disappear as soon as he shuts his eyes.

Suddenly she turned to face him.

He ran out of breath for he know something was about to happen. He knows the familiar look.

With an arched eyebrow and curved lips, she walked towards him…

She gave him a painful pinch on the thigh….

“Why are you still awake? It’s siesta time.

No words came out of his mouth, simply tears flowing out of his eyes deep down from his heart. Eyes that moments ago marveled at the perfection of the woman who made him cry.