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Bollywood Movie Night

In Movie Review, Personal on September 18, 2011 at 1:30 am


Last night, we had a Bollywood Movie Marathon. We were supposed to play Wii but the owner left a cable so we ended up watching two Bollywood Films.

Call me a Bollywood Ignoramus but other than Slumdog Millionaire, my exposure to Films from India is zero.

The first film that we watched was Every Child is Special. It is a story about a dyslexic kid whose parents are in denial of their child’s condition. It’s a tear jerker and I would have cried a bucket of tears had I been watching it alone. I was with my friends, I had to bite my tongue or look away in order to stop myself from crying or else I would have been the butt of all jokes. One of my friends cried though but discreetly.

The next film that we watched is Ghanjini. The twist of the film is more than awesome. I loved it as it was able to make my laugh and almost cry all at the same time. The story is about a rich guy who falls in love with a girl who made up a story about them being a couple in order to gain the respect that she wanted from her boss. The first part of the diary is a series of fortunate events as it is the flashback part that makes one laugh and feel a bit giddy as well. After the flashbacks, the real life of the lead actor is scary and meaningless as he is out to seek revenge though his memory fails him every after 15 minutes.

The lead actor in Ghanjini is the supporting role in the first movie. I can say that this actor is really good. His versatility is not just in his acting skills but in his looks as well.

I may not be a fan of the singing and dancing but the story, the acting, the cinematography and everything else in between of Bollywood films are awesome!


That’s so Arthur

In Family, Movie Review on April 15, 2011 at 3:31 pm

I hate watching Doom’s day movies.

Una sa tanan PRANING ako…..I remember way back in Elementary when Ernie Baron featured Nostradamus’ prediction about the world ending soon.

I PRAYED every single night for the prediction to be wrong…. Mayu lang gid kay nag abot ang adlaw nga na kag indi gali tuod ukon basi lakas lang gid akon paryers.

Pero imagine pila ko ya kabulan nag pulupangadi kag gaka praning. Gapanumdum na ko na daun kung diin ko manago, ano ubrahon ko para maka survive and the like kay basi toud gid man nga gina tago lang sa CIA, FBI, NBI, BIR,NFA kag kung anu anu pa da nga ahensya.

Kaduwa, na-ugot ko ya kung may maka survive sa mga end of the world films.


Kay unfair!!!

Kalouy man ang mga napatay to ya..End of the world mn bala. Te ngaa may buhi aw?

Anu na ang mga naka survive indi na sila part sang world ya kay wala sila ya nag end?

Sa “The Day After Tomorrow” ga-expect gid ko patay tanan, wala man gli.

Subong sa 2012 my buhi man gypon.

I watched 2012 because of John Cusack. heheeh. Daw ka not so typical of him to star in a movie like this. Mas gusto ko to siya ya sa Cameron Crowe movie nga gin hakwat ya ang boombox.

Anyway, nag-tanaw man ko gihapon with the hopes of everyone dying in the end. Leche wala mzan gypon, DAMU buhi.Unfair pa kay puro tanan VIP lang ang nabuhi. Tsk!

Pero ang isa ka bagay nga nakita ko sa movie is ang resemblance sang personality ni Arthur sa hippie dude.

I know in my hearts of heart that HART can and will do that.

Ang part nga ara siya sa Yellowstone Park galantaw kag ga welcome sang end of humanity, si Arthur gid to ya.Iban gapalagyo, siya ya ga ngisi kag shagit sa kalipay….DAW C ARTHOR gid.

Wala ko sang important realizations or kung anu man da nga eureka moment sa movie except sa amu to nga part.

nan…sa diri gid hu….Arthur Oliver Santisteban, ikaw gid ni ang character ni Woody Harrelson.
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There’s a hero

In Art, Movie Review, Personal on April 14, 2011 at 8:28 pm

Ironman rocks! Not that I have the hots for Robert Downey Jr. (honestly, considering his age I think he is kinda hot.If I were his age, I’d totally dig him.)

I’m not a Marvel-thingy fan. The only “hero” thing that  I have watched when I was a kid was X-men.


Because there were female characters that I wanted to be. There was a time when I wanted to be Jean Grey, another time when I wanted to Storm and so on. For one thing, I can be sure of my sexuality for I have never dreamed of becoming Prof. X or Cyclops.

Back to Ironman, I think if the character of Tony Stark is a real person, he’d be so cool. Living the life! Bratty bastard, he’d be like a male Paris Hilton. Oops!No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Paris Hilton is cool. But you get the comparison, right?

Among all the “superhero” movies I have seen, I liked the character of Ironman best. I’m not a big fan of the mysterious identity thing, it’s a big crap.

Take Superman for example, he doesn’t have a mask or anything to protect or hid his face but people can’t fuckin recognize him? What a baloney!Lois Lane, are you visually impaired?

And I just don’t understand why those dumb superheroes have to make stupid costumes for themselves. I mean for Ironman its quite tolerable cause his suit is kinda techie and needed. It makes him fly, dodge bullets and supports his heart. Spiderman, poor guy if I were in his place I could have died of heat stroke, the costume is damn too tight.

For me saving the world is very noble, why hide yourself in a mask?

That’s why I like Iron man best, cause he was honest .

In the end, he said…

“the truth is…… I am Iron man”

How cool is that?

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I just watched The Kite Runner and boy, I cried.

Im the type of person who will suppress my feelings e.g. crying over movies? It is so gay. haha What a hypocrite!

Yes, I do cry but only if I’m alone. This time,  I cried in a movie house and what’s worst? Someone saw me. That someone is my boyfriend.It is so embarrassing. Heck whatever! The movie was worth my embarrassment.

As if it is my first time to cry while watching movies, I can make list of movies, not so sad movies  where I cried. I’m such a cry baby..

Actually this was the first time somebody noticed me cry….


Talk about being caught redhanded…tsk

March 29th, 2008 by merajoy