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To Cathy

In Family, Personal on March 14, 2012 at 7:09 pm

9 months ago, she told us she was leaving soon. She did not give specific dates for she herself did not know when. We didn’t know if soon meant tomorrow, a week after tomorrow, a month after May or a year from now. We just held on to the idea that she is leaving soon. We did not want to worry over the specifics of soon.

We focused on making the most out of the time that was left. We ate outside, we frolicked in the beach, we visited waterfalls, we met at the malls, we celebrated her birthday early, we laughed, we gossiped, we raised our brows, we had our hairs rebonded, we danced under the moon, we sang like there was no tomorrow, we mourned over deaths of celebrities- we did all those crazy things.

Time passed, we weren’t that bothered about her leaving anymore. We knew it was soon and I thought I was ready for it. But here I am crying in front of my computer knowing that a friend is leaving soon.

Now I know that soon meant summer (our favorite time of the year!) and that I will never be ready for goodbyes.

I know I should be happy and all
But I feel like I am Kevin Roy
Who just lost Karl Roy
Over something which is undeafeatable

I know she’ll still be around
But not in the way that I want to
I can feel feel my heart pound
Because I know that she is leaving on the 22

She may not be my sister
But I really liked her
There are times when she is so crazy
But I can’t blame her, after all her name is Cathy

I know this is an end of an era
For soon she will be in New Zealand
But I will always remember, the days of Cathy and Mera
Laughing, singing and doing crazy things here in their homeland.


Bollywood Movie Night

In Movie Review, Personal on September 18, 2011 at 1:30 am


Last night, we had a Bollywood Movie Marathon. We were supposed to play Wii but the owner left a cable so we ended up watching two Bollywood Films.

Call me a Bollywood Ignoramus but other than Slumdog Millionaire, my exposure to Films from India is zero.

The first film that we watched was Every Child is Special. It is a story about a dyslexic kid whose parents are in denial of their child’s condition. It’s a tear jerker and I would have cried a bucket of tears had I been watching it alone. I was with my friends, I had to bite my tongue or look away in order to stop myself from crying or else I would have been the butt of all jokes. One of my friends cried though but discreetly.

The next film that we watched is Ghanjini. The twist of the film is more than awesome. I loved it as it was able to make my laugh and almost cry all at the same time. The story is about a rich guy who falls in love with a girl who made up a story about them being a couple in order to gain the respect that she wanted from her boss. The first part of the diary is a series of fortunate events as it is the flashback part that makes one laugh and feel a bit giddy as well. After the flashbacks, the real life of the lead actor is scary and meaningless as he is out to seek revenge though his memory fails him every after 15 minutes.

The lead actor in Ghanjini is the supporting role in the first movie. I can say that this actor is really good. His versatility is not just in his acting skills but in his looks as well.

I may not be a fan of the singing and dancing but the story, the acting, the cinematography and everything else in between of Bollywood films are awesome!


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I don’t know if it’s just me and Nick Hornby but I am the type of person who makes bargains with the Universe/ God in times of dire need.

I know about Nick Hornby’s bargaining agreement as it was clearly stated in his book, Fever Pitch. In times that he wanted Arsenal to win, he would make bargains with the higher being.

There is this song, Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. I think it’s by the Smiths. The song does not talk about bargaining in exchange of getting the thing that it wants the most but I have a feeling that the one who wrote the song ( If it’s by the Smiths then it’s probably Morissey) was also making bargains.

This practice no matter how atheist we claim to be or how open minded and scientific we are only boils down to one thing, the idea of having a supreme being to turn to in times of desperation and such can give us the strength that we need.

And that’s a nice feeling in my opinion. A better feeling as compared to that of a person who has no one to turn to but himself. In times of desperation, you have no one but yourself to blame and when you start to lose hope, you will surely lose it as there is no presence or idea of someone who will make things right for you other than your desperate and hopeless self.

Run Mera Run

In Current Events, Event, Personal on September 9, 2011 at 4:02 pm

Mannie Pacquiao, this man boxed his way to the top. He started as a construction worker, an amateur boxer, a mexican beater ( Is there such a thing? But it’s obvious that he was able to beat every Mexican boxer there is. ), a singer and a politician.

Now there is this news about him running on the next Presidential Election on 2012. I think there is a great chance that he will win. I am positive that he will win. Considering how FPJ, the King of Philippine Cinema allegedly won and was robbed of the presidency by the most hated president of the country, PGMA, I think Mannie Pacquiao will win.

I am not jaded or anything but I just know how the masses think of him. He has the money and the fame which is pretty much the only requirements needed in order to succeed in having a political career. I am not saying that most politicians here are that way. There are smart ones, there are ones who genuinely care but then again, they are just some. Most are actors, rich kids, famous people with famous parents, athletes and all that.

I am proud to be a Filipino. My backpack is evidence of that pride, it has a flag. I travel to promote the beauty of my country. When I post pictures on the net, I want local and foreign travelers to feel the urge to see the place that I have been to that way they get to help the tricycle drivers, the vendors, the souvenir shop operators and so on.

I don’t want to see a Philippine ruled by an ex-boxer, let alone live in it. I am not even bothered by his intellect, educational background or English speaking skills but we would be the butt of all jokes if we make a president out of a retired boxer. America didn’t make a president out of a paraplegic Mohomad Ali. Well, Mohamad Ali has the decency not to run.

I use to not have a solid plan. I use to live from one target to another but if this is the case, I am now saving up for 2016. I don’t mind working in other country in a job that I am not satisfied with. I don’t mind the cold weather if say, I go to countries with Winters or extremely hot weather if say, I go to the middle east. I am willing to sacrifice the comforts of home in exchange of not seeing and hearing him on every kinds of mass media for 6 years.

I will save up, I will enroll in courses like housekeeping, welding, anything at all. I will leave home where everything is for free, even the cotton buds are free. But I will be back when his term is over unless of course he becomes some kind of a GMA who extended her stay whether we liked it or not.

This is it!

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Carry on Mel Carreon

In Boredom, Event, Personal on September 8, 2011 at 8:59 am

On our city, there is this guy who keeps on running for different positions come election time. I started voting 7 years ago. If my memory serves me right, I think he was running for Mayor or Vice Mayor at that time. He filed candidacy for mayor, vice mayor and even presidency.

And I kept on voting for him, ever since. The computerized ballots this year pisses me off as I can’t vote for him. You see, he filed for presidency this year and was labeled as a nuisance candidate. His name was nowhere to be found in the ballot. I did the next best thing that I could do, I voted someone with the last name of Carreon. I assume it’s his wife, sister or daughter.

Back when ballots were as blank as a Stoner’s fried brain, I would write his name on the position that he is running for. In the spots where I do not know who to vote for or spots where I don’t like all the running candidates, I would write his name. It’s not that I am making fun of him. It’s just that I want to show these seasoned politicians or the people who tally the votes that I’d rather vote for Mel Careon rather than waste my vote on those people who are only good to you during the campaign season.

I never received any money from Mel Carreon. I accept money from other politicians. At first, I was hesitant in accepting the money but it’s the people’s money anyway. This is the tax that we paid for when we ordered food. This is the tax that we paid for when we came to Boracay. This is the environmental fee for this place and that place. It’s my money, I am keeping it but no Sir, I am not voting for you.

Back to the guy that I am talking about, Mel Carreon. According to my friend who works at an insurance agency, this guy is an issuance agent or something like that. The point is that he has a 9 to 5 job and he works for his political dream after office hours. And that makes him completely sane in my vocabulary.

I usually see him in the streets of Iloilo wearing his mask, he doubles as a traffic enforcer at times. People would wave at him, I assume in mockery as they know him as the guy who keeps on running but not winning.

I must admit, the first time I voted for him, back when I was 18 was just to make a statement for myself. I wanted to be different. I wanted to be funny. I wanted my friends to have something weird to talk about when they talk about me. But in the long run, I’ve come to realize that Mel Carreon and I are of the same spirit. We are the type of people who would never give up on our dreams.

People may laugh at him, people may call him crazy and all that. But these people do not see the dreamer who just won’t give up. I imagine Mel Carreon having dreams of changing Iloilo or corrupting as many money as he can. Whatever his goal in his running for these positions is up to him. What I respect and admire in him is that he never gives up. He sets his mind about him being a politician. It’s his passion. It’s his goal. It’s his desire. Its what keeps him sane or insane.

I have more respect for Mel Careon, a man who pursues his passion as compared to those rich men with fat bank accounts who gave up their dreams in exchange of a stable job, a six figure salary or a big house.

Who cares about your money when you are not fulfilled in your job? I think stress is the main reason as to why a lot of people are unhappy with their lives. In perfect world, we would all artists, ballet dancers, poets, millionaires, managers and the like. But this is not a perfect world, giving up on your dreams makes you a living dead, pursuing your dreams at all cost makes you crazy unless you have rich parents or incredible talent where you get to live your dreams without thinking of money. The best way is to find a balance between the two. Work at a job that you love, like or hate but gives you the finds that you need and the freedom to pursue your dreams which gives you the fulfillment that money can not buy.

And I think, Mel Carreon has it all figured out.And that is why I am voting for him. That is why I am his fan. I like him in the same way that I like Steve Jobs. Cool people who knows what they want and pursues it, the only difference between the two is that the latter has already achieved his goal while the former is still working on it. And my point is that both, never thought of giving up.


In Personal on September 7, 2011 at 5:42 am

A couple of hours ago, a friend asked me about my goals. He wants to know what my long term goals are.

I have my targets in mind but I never really looked into them. I am the type of person who makes plans, sticks to it but changes it if needed be. For instance I keep 20 % of my income for Life Saving Purposes. My goal was to reach 100,000 before the year end but I’ve spent almost half of it because of my activities for the past few months. I went to see a concert in Manila, twice. I went to different places twice, I bought a gadget. While some of these things may not be part of my plan, there are times when refusing such things will make you regret this or that. And I don’t want to feel regrets of any sort. I mean my goal of 100k is just money but the experience is very much worth it. And I can start all over again.

My plan for the 100k is for a time deposit or something. I still have two places to go to before the year ends and I am not sure if I’d be able to reach my target but I am still hoping. I mean, it ain’t over until it’s over right?

Last year, my goal was to travel this year and true that. I went to a lot of places this year. I have still many places to visit for the last quarter of the year. I am very pleased with myself that I was able to reach this short term goal of mine. I understand that I am not getting any younger. What if I wake up one day with a blind eye or the kind of carpal tunnel?

I am thinking ahead as I know the importance of saving but I also don’t want to be the kind of person who becomes a slave to money. I want to live my life while I’m still young.

My plan is to pay all the necessary things like Philhealth, SSS and the like. These monthly obligations will help me when I reach the age of 65 as SSS will give me the pension and Philhealth will cover for the times that I am sick in the hospital and unable to work.

I am a simple person with simple dreams. I want to live a life where I get what I want. It’s okay if I need to save up for it as I don’t want to be filthy rich. I just want to be free and satisfied. I want to be free to travel, I want to be free to save up for a good house. I want a good life as a good person and not as a powerful person.

I recognize the need for a sleeping income. This is why I am saving up for my sleeping income. It may not be that lucrative but if it gives you the money that you need for say, monthly bills then it should be enough.

My job at home is not stable. I try to look for ways to make it stable. I juggle several jobs. The thing with home jobs is that it can be canceled anytime and if you have back up jobs, you won’t start at Square One should a major client end a contract.

I reckon that if I have a sleeping income, I can still work on this job until say, I am very old. My sleeping income will send my children to school, pay monthly bills and such. My monthly salary will be used for savings and other needs at home. I will live in places where I am free to have a laid back life. My boyfriend and I have parents who live in the city, if our children wants to live in the city, they can live with my parents or his parents.

I will write a book, live in a farm or beach. We will travel for pleasure. My 7,107 challenge will be accomplished. Now if you’ll excuse me as I need to work again for my 100k target.

Breaking break ups down

In Personal on September 5, 2011 at 5:31 am

I had my first boyfriend when I was 19, we are still together until now. The concept of heartbreak, Ex-bf and break ups are all foreign to me. I have had moments when I’ve seen my unreachable crushes with girls and I felt a pang of something in my gut, envy may be but we never had a relationship so its not as painful or as serious as that of seeing your long time lover walking hand in hand with their new lover.

And to be honest, it’s not something that I am looking forward to feel or anything.

My friend who have had two break ups describes the act of someone leaving you in exchange of someone better as similar to a thousand stabs in the heart. Now I know why they say things like “a part of me died when you left”. I haven’t been stabbed as well but it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that stab wounds are painful, much more if there are thousands of them, it can kill.

As if dealing with break ups is not painful enough, there is the chance of bumping into each other or if you belong to the same circle of friends, the awkwardness when the need to say, hang out together arises. If you are the leaving party or if you have someone new then it’s not that painful anymore but imagine the pain of the single one or say, the guilty one. I imagine it to be excruciatingly painful. You need to be civil to the new lover of your ex lover, you need to keep a cool facade in front of your ex lover and worst, you silently deal with the insecurity demons in your head. You look at the new lover’s signatured jeans and you compare it with your own tattered jeans. You look at the new lover’s perfect nose and you compare it with your crooked nose.

In the movies which I know is closely similar to real life, there are break downs, fights and backbiting as the ex lovers tell his side and her side of the story to other people. This is the dirty part of break ups. Things which only the both of you know are now broadcasted to other people which of course wil be broadcasted to other people soon. I had this friend who just broke up with her boyfriend. We are close to them both, as a couple and invidiually. Right in the middle of dinner she was blurting out reasons as to why she left him. “We don’t even have sex anymore, just once a week or so.” Ha! What we used to did not know now we know because she told us about their oh so active sex life. I mean if you are a couple, legal couple like husband and wife it is but natural to make love every single day but if you live in separate houses, how do you do it?

Break ups are dirty, break ups are painful. Yes,they are like wounds which hurt you and expose you to others. Now I know why the song “Tell me where it hurts” was such a hit to many. What I thought was a song for doctors, nurses and other medical people who make things better, who heals diseases and other sicknesses was based on experience. The writer who may have relationships before they were 19 and ex overs know the pain that is brought about by the thing that most if not all people dread the most, break ups.

Favorite day with my favorite people

In Personal on September 3, 2011 at 11:35 pm

I just love Saturdays. It’s the time of the week when dining out and hanging out with the people that I like and love the most takes place.

Sometimes it’s planned, sometimes it isn’t. The unpredictability of my Saturday is what makes it appealing. I don’t know what is going to happen, where I’m going and who I am going out with but I know for certain that I am out to have a good time.

Which way is it again?

In Personal, Uncategorized on September 3, 2011 at 6:23 am

Selecta says “follow your heart”,Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist had the main character Santiago chase his dreams, Steve Jobs talks about connecting the dots in the future and trusting your heart in the present. Dante preaches in The Divine Comedy and Karl Marx reiterates in Das Kapital to follow your path and let people talk. While all of these came from successful companies and people, the other thing in common of these messages is that we should do the things that we want the most.

In a country as poor as ours, can we afford to do these things? If you were born with a silver spoon on your mouth the your mouth and you have open minded parents then you are most definitely free to pursue your interests. But what about the poor people, what about the children of those who are living below poverty line? They have dreams to, don’t they?

Inequality has always been a big problem in all aspects of human life. I for one do not belong in the super privileged but for our class, I sure am lucky to be able to a good school and all that. I pity those people who have to sacrifice their dreams because of say, money. Considering the fact that we are the number one producer of workers in hospitals, ships, household help and the like, we are also the number one country to kill the dreams its people. We are the number one jailer of our people. We lock them up in other countries to earn money for their families. We postpone the fulfillment of their desires in exchange of a little comfort in life.

Not everyone who works abroad are forced to do that. I have this nurse friend whose dream ever since we were young was to be one. I have a cousin who at a tender age of 8 wants to be a japayuki. If she ends up becoming one, I think she’d be a happy japayuki as it is what she wants. While there may be a few who are living their dreams while working in other countries, there are many who are giving up their aspirations while working there.I know a lot of women who just wants to be a “mother” to their children. They can not afford to live out this dream as they are busy mothering other people’s children in another country. There are those whose dream is to live on the beach and collect sea shells at night but they are trapped in the four corners of their offices in the middle of the desert.

I have a lot of nurse friends. I ask them what they’re ultimate dreams are. Timi, now working at a hospital in Iloilo always wanted to be a veterinarian. She is like the Cesar Millian of her place but she took up Nursing as it is practical. Augustine, after two years of working as a volunteer nurse gave it all up. He now wants to be a photographer. When he was younger, he wanted to be a bus conductor. Cathy, another nurse is sati trod her application for New Zealand to be cleared. She is not poor as her father is a Ship Captain but she forces herself to work as a nurse here and soon a nurse, there. If  Timi gives it all up to be a vet, people would raise their eyebrows in the same way that Augustine’s folks do not understand why he gave it all up. If Cathy chooses not to go to NZ and be with her boyfriend here, people would ask WHY?  But if they are living their dreams then who are we to question them?

I am not a nurse.I am not bitter about these lack of employment for nurses but if my memory serves me right, how many of these young people have to give up their dream course and future dream life just to take up nursing as it was the fad 5 years ago.

Robert Frost talks about taking the road less travelled which is totally fine if you are happy with it and if you really want to embark on an unknown journey at an unknown road. The great minds who talks about following your heart and all that never told us which way to go. To each his own I suppose. Whatever floats your boat and keeps you burning will eventually lead you to the right path.

And just like Jollibee, always “bee happy”along the way.