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24 Songs (that reminds me of you)

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1. She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)

“Beauty queen of only eighteen had some trouble with herself””Look for the girl with the broken smile. Ask her if she wants to stay awhile And she will be loved will be loved. I know where you hide. Alone in your car. Know all of the things that make you who you are I know that goodbye means nothing at all”

(Every time I hear this song, I think of you.Promise!)

2. Dove (Moony)

“Why can’t give her his love, No more…again… Tears on her face, and the dove… She cries…she knows… She won’t be able to fly, away from him; She looks at red roses in spring, No…,she won’t be able to sing A song of love… “”And then she questions the sun; Oh…why…why me? The sun doesn’t answer…oh god… Can you help me? The answer is easy…my love… You’ve built your own jail. You’ve always been part of the sky… So why you keep staying by his side… Away from me? ”

(Ini pa gid hu, daw custom-made nga kanta para sa imu sang una. Whahahaha)

3. Coin Operated Boy ( Dresden Dolls)

“coin-operated boy sitting on the shelf. He is just a toy but I turn him on and he comes to life automatic joy that is why I want a coin-operated boy”

 (There was a time when you said you wanted one,right?)

4. Stay (Lisa Loeb)

” You say I only hear what I want to. You say I talk so all the time so. And I thought what I felt was simple, and I thought that I don’t belong, and now that I am leaving, now I know that I did something wrong ’cause I missed you. Yeah yeah, I missed you. ”

(Isa sa mga theme song mo nga tandaan ko pa hasta subong.)

5. Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage)

“I’m only happy when it rainsI’m only happy when it’s complicatedAnd though I know you can’t appreciate itI’m only happy when it rainsYou know I love it when the news is badAnd why it feels so good to feel so sadI’m only happy when it rains”

(Ini pa gid theme song mo man.)

6. Tainted Love (Marilyn Manson)

“Now I run from you, This tainted love you given, I give you all a boy could give you, take my tears, and that’s not nearly all, Tainted Love, Tainted love, ”

( I don’t know pero ikaw man gypon na isip ko kada-mabatian ko ini nga kanta .Hahahaa)

7. Drive (Incubus)

“It’s driven me before, and it seems to a faint, haunting mass appeal. But lately I, am beginning to find that I, should be the one behing the wheel. ”

(CL journal ta sang 4th year, muni nga song ang gin-butang mo)

8. I’ll Never Love This Way Again ( Dione Warwick)

“I know I’ll never love this way againSo I keep holding on before the good is gone”

(NgaNga and Jonjee Drunk Conversation and Debates, muni nga song ang ender sang bais nyo noh? Theme song mo.)

9. Don’t Matter( Akon)

” Nobody wanna see us togetherBut it don’t matter no Cause I got you babeNobody wanna see us togetherBut it don’t matter noCause I got you babeCause we gon’ fightOh yes we gon’ fight(We gon’ fight)Believe we gon’ fight(We gon’ fight)”

(Ari ya gin DL mo pa ni gani sa CP mo gid.)

10. Out of Reach ( Gabrielle)

“Knew the signs wasn’t right I was stupid, for a while Swept away, by you And now I feel like a fool “”So confused My heart’s bruised Was I ever loved by you? Out of reach, so far I never had your heart Out of reach, couldn’t see We were never met to be ”

(4th HS kanta ta ky Miss Unica sa Music class nga SUPER maka relate ka, remember?)

11. Narda (Kamikazee)

“Mapapansin kayaSa dami ng ‘yong ginagawaKung kaagaw ko ang lahatMay pag asa bang makilala ka…”

(Feeling ko gid ya daan Jonj muni theme song sa imu ni Sib Show and Combo Meals? haahaha)

12. Akap (Imago)

“Pikit mata Kong iaalay Ang buwan at araw Pati pa sapatos kong suot”

(Sang nagpa-Nes and Tats ta bala nga gin dul-ong ka namun sa balay mo nga imu sapatos damu tansan nga makadto ka gid sa gusto mo kadtuan.)

13. Halaga (PNE)

“Ang dami-dami naman diyang iba Wag kang mangangambang baka wala ka nang ibang MakitaNa lalake na magmahal sayoAt hinding hindi nya sasayangin ang pag-ibig mo”


14. Lovefool (The Cardigans)

“Dear, I fear we’re facing a problem you love me no longer, I know and maybe there is nothing that I can do to make you do Mama tells me I shouldn’t bother that I ought to stick to another man a man that surely deserves me but I think you do! ”

(Again, reminds me of you SANG UNA?)

15.  I Believe In A Thing Called Love ( The Darkness)

I believe in a thing called loveJust listen to the rhythm of my heartThere’s a chance we could make it nowWe’ll be rocking ’til the sun goes downI believe in a thing called love

(gin-baklan mo ko Pulp nga sila cover, TY Jonj)

16. Oh Look What You’ve Done (The Jets)

“Oh, look what you’ve doneYou’ve made a fool of everyoneOh well, it seems like such funUntil you lose what you had won”

(Another of your many theme songs sa lawas mo noh?)

17. Du Hast (Rammstein)

“Du…Du hast…Du hast mich …Du hast mich Duhast michgefragtDu hast mich gefragtUnd ich habnichts gesagt”

(Daryl Jake)

18. Sana Ngayong Pasko (Lea Salonga)

“Pasko na namanNgunit wala ka pa”

(kada mag open ang Jaro Plaza kag wala ko upod Ukay-ukay kada-24th of December amo ni theme song ko sa imu)

19. Sem Break ( Eheads)

” ilang bukas pa babago tayo ay magkitaako’y naiinip na bawa’t oras binibilangsabik na masilayan ka”

(so High School!)

20. Your Puppet And Clown (Greyhoundz)

“i thought you’d patch my holes but even dug a deeper woundcuz im your puppet… i’m your clown… ”

(Theme song mo nga tandaan ko pa.)

21. Blood Red Summer ( Coheed and Cambria)

“and when the answer that you wantis in the question that you statecome what may”

(Ini pa gid hu, noh????)

22. Darkness Fell ( Wolfgang)

“And so she woke up from a dreamThat was beautiful starry and so wildIt was all still clear in her eyesAnd though her mind was foggyAnd blank she wondered whyHer life couldn’t be as lovely”

(Barracks nga Wolfgang nga pagkatapos ikaw damu pilas kag lagub?)

23. Just Like A Splendid Love Song (Orange and Lemons)

“Spending my days with youIs like living in a world of fancy”

(Namian ka ni di bala?)

24. In This Diary ( The Atari)

“Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up”

(Anthem ta!)

Happy Birthday Jonj.. wala ko bi ma-isip nga regalo whahahahahahaahahahaah

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Distant Relative?

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This is Luis. He owns a chain of Nilagaan in Iloilo City. A lot of night owls frequent his place after a night of partying. I have a friend who looks exactly like him. Its as if my friend is a younger version of this businessman. When I posted this on Facebook, our common friends agree with me. Dandan even has his theories: Boyet’s mom was raped by Luis. Boyet’s mom had a relationship with Luis and the like.

Boyet, basi guba lang akon mata or basi nahidlaw lang gid ko sa imu pero panulukan ko bala mag-tigulang ka pareho kamu tsura ni Luis.Mata niyo daw pareho shape. I love you boyet..Mwah!

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From one of my all-time favorite song, My way....


Summer of 4th Year HS


tooot toot toot tooot (meaning text message)

Cons: Me, updi ko bi mapa Tribu bakal tsinelas….

Mera: (mAy load man, pero wala nagreply ky sa natakan mag-lagaw that day)…….


tooot tooot tooot tooot (text message liwat)

Mera: Cons, te anu oras ta makitnay lagaw ta…..

Cons: Ari nko Manila. Indi na ko magpuli da, mabakal ko tani chineleas sang Saturday kay para ibalon ko pa Manila. Diri na kami ma istar…..


After na, kaisa lang gid kami mag meet pag birthday ko nga nagpuli diri sila in Kuya niya.

8 years after sang amo to nga incident, HISTORY repeats itslef.

Balan ko na gid may cancer sya (INDI ni c Timi ha) pero ngaa la pako nagkadto sang ara siya sa St. Pauls na admit.

Jan 22

Ann: Me, wala na c Tita Imee….

That day, on the 23rd kay day off ko amu pako na tani makadto sa iya…..

Anyway, REST IN PEACE Tita….. Una lang, madasun lang kami ah….. mwaah mwaah

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Ano favorite subject mo?!

Kung tarong nga tawo pamangkuton mo sini, masabat syempre Math, Science, Sibika, Filipino kag kung ano-ano pa da.

Tapos na kung haras-haras man ang mangkoton mo ni, laban-laban isabat ya sa imu, PE ukon Recess kag Dismissal.

Pero kung isipon mo maayo, biskan hinaras-haras ang sabat nga PE at least ya, subject man sa gihapon. Kag basi favorite gid man sya ya bi as a subject kapin pa gid sang mga Athletes.

Ang RECESS ya kag DISMISSAL, indi man subject pero ngaa gina sabat man gihapon haw?

Isa ka posible nga sabat is FAVORITE syya bskan technically indi sya SUBJECT.

Damu nanamian RECESS kag DISMISSAL pero kung ako mangkuton ya, SCIENCE( sang wala pa Math ang Science) FILIPINO, SIBIKA kag ENGLISH akon usual nga sabat.

Ngaa amo na sabat ko haw?

Kay man, indi ako haras-haras. Wheheheeh

Pero gusto ko gid intindihon kung ngaa damu gihapon gasabat sang RECESS kag DISMISSAL bilang FAVORITE SUBJECT nila.

If you’ll excuse me as I take a walk down Memory Lane para ma-trace ko or at least masanagan ako kung ngaa amu na ang sabat sang iban nga tawo.

Recess and Dismissal Buddies:
*Daw loser ako sang Grade 1, isa lang miga ko ya. Pero sang amo ni nga time, ubra namon ni Jem mag recces kag mag buhi, barter stationery, hampang langit-lupa sa daw sirado nga bubon sa guwa classroom namun.

Recess and Dismissal Buddies:
Lanie, Jerlyn, Debonaire
*Kada recess, ga hampang kami “dampa” kag Chinese Japanese sa amon carpet sa classroom. Amu ni nga year nga ang tatlo ka section nga panghapon may isa ka giant classroom, tapos kada section divided sang mga blackboard, kag amon bangko ginapahigad kag sa salog kami nga may carpet gina pa-pungko.

Recess and Dismissal Buddies:
Rhea, Mary May, Princess, Ma. Bea, Razel
*Bakal PIKNIK sa canteen. Amu ni nga year na discover ko ang warrior kag bully in me. Gina lista sa likod notebook ko ang Mortal Combat characters pati ang ila mga “finishing”. Sorry sa mga ginpang away ko.

Recess and Dismissal Buddies:
Queen, Meryl
*Amon classroom, layu sa civilization, te long walks. Nami lang niya nga feature is ara siya sa babaw, te gina lingling namun ang boy sa balay ni Ramonete Lopez, pati mga brief ya nga naka hanger. Jackstone sa likod chapel.

Tessa, Gretchen, Carolyn, Melchie
* Amobt ah, pero uso ni Spice Girls te group of 5’s ang mga bayi. Ahahaah Si Gretchen gid akon super friend kay pati sa sikad upod kami. Hambal ya sakon kung katol kuno ulo ko gabutan ko buhok. No wonder siya at that time my upaw. Age of indepence ni, amu ni ang year nga wala nsko gina sugat. Halin GRade 1 gina sugat ko na sa school biskan isa ka tumbling kag tunga lang ang distansya sang balay namun sa San Jose kag kilala man ko sang tanan nga sikad drivers.

Recess and Dismissal Buddies:
Shiela, Glocyl, Gretchen, Anna
*Sa babaw naman liwat classroom namun. This time wala na kami gapanglingling sang boy sa balay ni Ramonete Lopez kay medyo layo na. Pero ubra namun pamantay sang amon High School crushes nga ga agi mag-lunch sila sa gwa.

Recess and Dismissal Buddies:
Shiela, Glocyl

Melcy, Rizza, Arnie
*Sa Gaisano kag SM ni ang lalagawan. Na snatch si Glocyl sa Gaisano City. Tapos kis-a namn, galunch kami sa Jolibee La Botica, may crush pa c Rizza kag Melcy nga waiter. hehehehe

those were the days

Recess and Dismissal Buddies:
Jem, Aida, Jhoanne, Kris, Cons, Jonjee, Anna, Rizza, Mai
Melcy, Gretchen
Glocyl, Nina, Cyll
* Sadya sadya nga year. Damu lagaw, damu beach. Gina himo Jaro plaza ang Alubihod kay kada sabado ara didto. Kaon batchoy nga daw kabo ang sabor sa canteen.

Recess and Dismissal Buddies:
Melcy, Shiela, Jonjee
-Tambay sa Jurassic Park kag bira bira tuon kay amon teacher after recess si Sir Pagunsan. Gina suksuk ni Melcy ang spatos sang amon maestra kung wala siya kag gina impersonate ya pa dayun. Mag buhi, kadto sa “tinda” sa gwa sang gate kag magbakal Tempura, Kikiam kag kung ano-ano pa nga pwede mabakal.

Jonjee, Melcy
-na siradhan sa gwa classroom kay 10:30 lang asta ang recess gasulbra akon ya.Si Fifi akon pet, love sang tanan. SM City Iloilo kada mag buhi.

Therefore I conclude nga mga tawo nga tawo nga RECESS kg DISMISSAL sabat nila, mga tawo nga ga-treasure sang memories with their classmates, sala ko gali indi sila gali haras-haras, mga sentimental fool lang gid sila ya…

Sige na lang gani ah, RECESS kg Dismissal na lng akon favorite subject.

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Natural Science Class and Christmas

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I don’t know with you guys but in my hearts of heart, I believe that Santa Claus exist. I was a dumb kid to start with. I was 13 when I found out that it was my Nanay who bought the gift and it was my Tatay who laughed ala St. Nick. The sad thing about it is that my 3-year-old sister is the one who discovered this secret.

I have a theory. Since Santa Claus live in the North Pole, his reindeer can not handle the long trips to Asia. Philippines is far from the North Pole that is why after all these years, I never had a single present from him.

Mam Canaman: It is not true that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole. No one lives there except Scientists

Mera: Mam, that means Santa Claus is a scientist. For the rest of the year he is a scientist, on Christmas day, he becomes himself.

Mam Canaman: Miss Aniolga pwedi gwa ka na lang? (Miss Aniolga, can you please get out of the room?)

* Until now I still don’t understand why she sent me out. She was such a Grinch……..

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First Year High

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I have this little red bag filled with letters and cards and whatnot that I have collected over the years. There are times when my insomnia(KADA! emo guro) is getting the better of me and that bag has served as my very own version of Pandora’s Box.

Last night, I opened the bag and found a letter written by Melcy 9 years ago. We were in First Year High School back then. We started out as seat mates and the rest as they say is history…..

Anyway, this letter that she wrote was like on the third month of the school year. It was August of the year 2000. We were not that close yet but we would write letters to each other (Kuging noh? Tupaday man lang na bangko namun pero gasulatanay pa).

On the last part of the letter, she said “IF YOU NEED HELP I’LL ALWAYS BE HERE”. At that point, I don’t think she means what she says. I mean, we were in high School, we were not that close and all.

Funny that after 9 years, she stood by what she said. You may not know how important what you did to me but I really appreciate it. Recently you have been quite irritating(G.H.A)but then you rooted for me and that’s what’s important. Hope I can do the same to you as well.

P.S. Makita ta ka Melz, mahibi gid ko ya….hahahaah

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A soon to be OFW mother talking to her 3-year-old daughter:

MA: Te kung maglalakat na ko, behave ka gid ha. Si Lola ang mabantay sa imu.
BABY: Sa diin ka makadto haw?
MA: Ma work eh, kay ma school ka na nga daan. Baklan ta ka damu nga toys kag Cholocates.
BABY: Yehey!!!!!
BABY: MA, sano ka bi mabalik?
MA: Three years pa antis ko mabalik eh
BABY: Mga pila na bi katulog Ma?
MA: Damu2 pa gid nga tulog eh.
BABY (wawaw): INDI ko ya gusto sina! Gusto ko ISA lang katulog…..HINDI NA LANG KO MAG SCHOOL!!!!

That night, the poor kid didn’t even want to touch her dinner.

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Some Manga

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Sa mga upod ta sa Gigantes
Sa mga indi ta upod sa Gigantes
Sa mga upod ta sa Nogas
Sa mga waay ka upod sa Nogas
Sa mga upod ta kung Sabado
Sa mga alang-alang kada-Sabado
Sa mga upod inum
Sa mga upod ta nga wala ga-inum
Sa mga upod ta mapa-Sagada
Sa mga indi ka upod sa Sagada
Sa mga nagpa-lauy lauy kanta sang Last Summer Hurrah
Sa mga wala naka kadto sang Last Summer Hurrah
Sa mga gabayad Xin ky Harren
Sa mga waay pa kabayad biskan Xin kay Harren
Sa mga kabayad for Eugene
Sa mga wla tuyo mag-bayad para kay Eugene
Sa aton tanan
Para sa tanan…..

Comment ni Tara sakon hu….Himu liwat note ang sa wala ka bayad sa fund for Eugene. And the boylets w/ black shoes size 10 and extra old shirts.Text nyo lng si Tara magbayad kamu for Eugene. 100php, tapos kung may clothes and stuff kamu nga mahatag pwede man especially size 10 nga shoes…..Kitakits sa dasun….

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WIT Scholarship Foundation(for Eugene)

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Kaghapon, naghapit ko sa Crammers. Para magdul-ong sang akon due ky Harren. Abi ko wala to siya so tani ibilin ko na lang, it was a good thing that I decided to peak inside, nakita ko siya together with Small and Tara. (Hmmmm, renewal of vows ang Yap-Ville couple..whehehe)

Subong na gali ang operation ni Small, pero no need to worry about Small ky small man lang iya cyst ah.
Anyway, we talked about what else, but the Island that we all miss and fell in love with. (whehehehh)

Asta sa nakalab-ot ang istorya ky Eugene.(Indi ang  ghostfighter na istoryahan namon ah, ang guide ta bla)

Since wala siya ga eskwela, nag- suggest si Tara na tani kita mpa eskwela sa iya.


I know what you are thinikin’. Mahal magpa skwela etc. Kalma anay, kay indi man guro mabuslot bulsa niyo sa amu ta ni nga tuyo.

Una sa tanan, indi man sya naton pagpa-eskwelahon sa Westbridge ukon sa Brilliant Montessori. Sa ila man lang to nga local shool.

19 na siya pero wala pa sya ka graduate High School. Hambal ni Small, second year pa lang siya kunu. Financially speaking, the cost of living in the Island is way too cheap compared here. So it follows nga pati ila tuition barato.

According again to my reliable source (si Small gyapon ah) ang tuition to nila is 80 pesos per month. Multiply it by 10 since 10 months ang isa ka school year so it basically comes down to about 800 per school year.

Since 18 kita kabilog sa aton grupo, pwede ta ka-amot amot 10 pesos per month para sa iya tuition. Indi man na guro amo gid ka bug-at ang 10 pesos per month?

Isipa bala sa 10 pesos mo kada bulan, kapa eskwela kana tawo.  The way we see it, kung kita mapa-eskwela sa iya, it would motivate him to do better or at least attend school man lng. Since iban na tawo gabayad tuition  ya, so he has no choice but to go to school.

Biskan mabuligan ta siya eskwela until High School lang gid,after na, bahala na sya sa kabuhi ya…. wheheheeh.

Pero kung isipon mo, importante gid dan ang high school diploma, maka eskwela ka na na sa Tesda, maka ubra kna na sa Jolibee….

This by the way is a proposal. Comment lang kung yes or no ka, kung in or out ka, kung hot or cold ka..Basta amu na…

PS: Ginsugo ko ni Tara maubra note, te gin dali-dali ko man ubra..nahadlok ko sa iya whehehehe

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Diss a point Ted.

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sam milby playing for the monthly period

Four years ago or three years go, indi nako katanda sang time but tandaan ko gid nga gin pakilala ako ni Mark ky Sam Milby. No, not the real actor but a friend that looks like him. I swear panulukan ko ky Paolo si Sam Milby nga gamay. Hehe.

Hambal sakon ni Nganga hu, “Me, lantawa bala picture ni Paolo sa ID ky daw si Sam Milby sya”.

After na, daw naanad nako tawag Sam sa iya, not for sunlog purposes but siguro kay amu na nga name ang gin pakilala sa akon so somehow ang face ni Paolo associated with the name SAM MILBY sa utok ko.

Over the years, gasugat-anay kami sa school, tawag ko sa iya SAM. Kita ko siya sa SM, SAM gihapon tawag ko sa iya. Basta Sam na gid ya (kis a SAM MILBY man, daw ka balik-awot man kung MILBY lang itawag ko sa iya, anu kami ARMY ukon taga John B nga apilido tawganay. hahaha)

Anyway, sang April 12, galagaw kami ni Cha kag Agustin sa Marymart. Mga 3pm guro, ara kami sa front sang Ingmar dampi. (take note: dira nga parte sang Marymart damu ga agi pirmi)

Dasun all of a sudden nakita ko si Sam Milby (well at least for me he is Sam Milby) gapasaka siya sa escalator upod niya iya miga bala mu.

Syempre since he is a friend nga dugay na wala mkita so daw na excite ko, kablit ko si Cha….”CHA! Si SAM MILBY hu” at the same time pointing into his direction at the escalator.

Siguro tunog lang gid tingog ko or I sound so excited nga ang bayi sa tubang ko, actually thought nga si SAM MILBY the actor gid man nakita ko, dali-dali man siya balikid into the direction that I’m pointing only to be disappointed to see Paolo waving back at us.

Talk about being disappointed big time!

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