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For the holidays Tin decided to go home to Sipalay City. I told him we’d meet after as I wanted to have our Rizal Passports stamped in Dapitan, Dumageute and Dipolog before going to Manila on February 2012.

December 26

Woke up late, 9 am. Rushed to the Ilo-Bac ferry terminal. Bought a one way ticket from Supercat’s 10:30 trip.

Ferry ride was like a roller coaster ride. Children were screaming “Ma! I’m scared.” An old woman in front of me reminded me of Snape in one of the Harry Potter movies when he was counter attacking some sort of a curse during Harry’s game.

We arrived safely but it was raining so I took a cab and told the driver to take me to the Ceres Terminal for North (or South I do not know.) He did not let the meter run but I was to too dizzy and lazy to argue with him. I have a boyfriend to meet and I do not want some kind of bad vibes to get me down.

It was noontime and I was so hungry so I decided to eat first. Honestly, this is one of the things that I hate the most, eating alone in public.

I took an non-aircon bus to Kabangkalan. I paid 90 pesos but if I come ot really think of it, I should have paid half as my inconsiderate seatmate made his plastic of bread sit. He was fat, I am fat but I was on the outer part of the seat thus I suffered 2 hours of seating with only half of my butt cheek .

When I arrived, Tine was already waiting for me at the Ceres Terminal. We took the second bus as the first one was already filled before we got the chance to run to it for a standing position in getting to Dumaguete. The second one was the same as the first one, the only difference is that we were the first ones to secure our place for standing. Imagine, cheek to cheek, butt to butt, elbow to elbow. That is how crowded the bus is. A mother with a 9 month old kid gave up her place to stand on the bus as it was very crowded , the child might asphyxiate.

As for me, I don’t care if I am standing all the way to Dumaguete, I was with Tin, i had someone to talk to, I felt safe. Eventually, we were able to secure a seat when people started getting off in various parts of Mabinay.

Arrived at Dumaguete at around 7 pm. Ate at Jollibee first. Checked in at Kapamilya Lodge which is right across the back part of Silliman. The room had abed and that was it. The CR is public and you have to walk to get there. Its a good thing my bladder is under my command, I told myself to take a leak in the morning, I was too scared to go there at night as Tin told me that there are no lights.

December 27

Woke up at around 6 am. Ate breakfast at a 24 hour Tapsilogan in the same building where the lodge is.

Went to the Plaza to get our first Rizal stamp. There was a cool tourism employee there, she had dreadlocks. =)

We took photos of the plaza, the statue of Rizal, the tower and so on.

Since we wanted to take the 10 am trip to Dapitan, we decided to walk back to the place. It was still early so we had enough time. We checked out of the lodge and headed to the Dumaguete Pier.

We were so disappointed as the trip was canceled and there were a lot of stranded people in there. There was a low pressure and trips had been cancelled since yesterday.

There is a 5 pm trip but we decided to take the trip on the 28th instead. I had Accuweather on my iPAd and it says that the weather is going to be better the next day. We did not want to arrive in Dapitan at night with n place to go and no light to guide as, literally speaking.

We checked in at an Inn which is like a 2 minute walk away from the pier. We were planning to take the 4 am trip and we had the whole day to explore Dumaguete.

We ate lunch at Cafe Antonio and headed to the Plaza to explore the Capitol and the other sites there. We decided to check out a Museum at this school in Larena Drive but it was closed for the Holidays when we got there. We also tried to look for Mariyah Gallery but it was closed when we got there and it was a “residential” area, we were too intimidated to press the door bell.

We went back to the Boulevard. Took photos there. Killed time there and waited for hunger to come before finally heading to Sans Rival.

December 28

Woke up at 4. Ran to the terminal. Ferry schedule to leave at 5 already fully booked. Ran to Cockaliong for their 7 am trip. We stood there at around 4am, we got the tickets at around 6:40. That is how hard it is to get a ticket during the holidays.

Sat at the canteen area because I was too tired and too mad. My knees hurt a lot.

After 3 hours, we arrived in Polauan Wharf. It was a pretty laid back wharf. The hills were very scenic though.

Walked outside and took a tricycle to Dapitan. We told him to take us to Sunset Boulevard as we know there are a lot of Pension Houses there. We entered Monina’s but it was booked at the time. I met this Manong who was the owner. He was from the States and is on vacation there. He told me to go to the Monina’s extension instead. The old man is originally from Bacolod and its nice to converse in my “native tongue ” as Bisaya is the primary language here.

We went to the Plaza and they assigned us to another extension. It was a block away from the Monina’s Extension.

After that we ate at a Burger Junction at the Plaza. We waited for the “Evergood Bus” to take us to Dipolog.

Dipolog is just like Dumaguete. It has malls,Chowking, Jolibee and so on. Dapitan is more laid back.

We had our Rizal Passport stamped at the Dipolog City Hall. Before that we visited the Cathedral and its facade as well as its interiors are very impressive.

After that we went back to the terminal to go to Katipunan for another stamp site. Katipunan is where the Rizal farm is. The stamp site is at the Plaza and when we arrived, they were having their Christmas Party. It was a good thing there was a contact number to call and after a few minutes, the tourism officer came out and stamped our passports.

We took photos of the plaza, the church and the municipal hall. After that we went to the Rizal Farm which is located at the Brgy. Dr. Jose Rizal. After that, we went back to the Dipolog to take more pictures of the church and the plaza.

We took another Evergood Bus in going back to Dapitan. We changed clothes, rested for a while and headed to Gloria’s Fantasyland.

We had desserts first at a Cafe outside and then we went inside the Fantasyland. After that we ordered “to go” as it was near closing time and the bar at the corner of the Fantasyland had nothing better to serve other than shrimp and “kinilaw”.

December 29

Woke up early to explore Dapitan. Went to the tourism office to have our passports stamped but they said that all stamps are at the Shrine so we headed there instead.

We ate at Jonah’s or something like that. It was opposite the tourism office before finally going to the Shrine.

Rizal Shrine’s has no entrance fee. There are Rizalistas in there and we had fun exploring the place.

After the Shrine, we explored and took photos of the stamp sites in the Plaza.

Checked out at Monina’s and headed to the Polauan Wharf. Booked a 5 pm. Arrived at Dumaguete at around 8 pm and checked in at Bar’Ko Inn.

Ate at Ka Waway. Ordered coffee at Cafe Antonio. They have Theo and Philo Cholocates. It was raining again so we decided to go back to the inn.

December 30

Checked out of the inn. Went to Sans Rival but they don’t have thier specialty as of the moment. I am sorry, Cathy. Ate at Jollibee before heading to the Ceres Terminal for Bacolod.

Ate at Kabangkalan. Augustine took another bus. Cried all the way to Himamaylan. Read a book and eventually finished it before arriving at Bacolod.

Headed to the Wharf. Ferry for Iloilo already left so I waited for the 8:30 Roro to arrive. Met new friends at the pier. One is a mother waiting for her child to arrive from Iloilo, two are girlfriends waiting for their boyfriends. I felt a bit of envy as these girls were meeting with their boys while I just parted with mine.

Arrived at Iloilo at around 10. Headed to the tricycle area. Cried because I am so happy that I arrived safely and before the New Years Eve but also a bit lonely as I have no one to share my happiness with.

Arrived at home at around 11:30 pm.


Blues down, Whites to go….

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My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Guess See

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We usually go to Guimaras in the mornings but last Saturday was different. We went there at around 4 pm. We did not have a solid plan,we did not have an itinerary.

We decided to meet at Ortiz but it was probably under renovation or something. We went to the Parola wharf instead. We arrived at the Jordan Wharf at around 5 pm. We had no idea where to go, people there were asking us about our destination. In the end we decided to go to Kenyama instead.

The trip took longer as compared to that of Alubihod or Lawi. Guisi is in Nueva Valencia. It is where the tower is. We arrived at around 7 pm and we were dead hungry. The resort had no meals to serve other than breakfast meals which costs about 130 pesos (Iced Tea plus a Silog of your choice.)

The room that we took was an native cottage room with a sleeping area. We paid 1200 pesos for it. The comfort room was just a few paces away from our cottage. There was a shower area and two areas for answering nature’s calls.

In the morning we went to the Tower, we took photos there. The entrance to the tower is 10 pesos per person. If it’s not for it’s history, you would not want to visit the place I mean, its nothing but an unused tower, no nothings.

There is a new white tower that is in use. It is beside the old rusty tower. If you ask the caretaker, they can going up there is okay. If you go there, you get to see the big white warning on the old tower about the dangers of going up. You decide for yourself whether you think it’s worth it or not. I did come up the, the view if great but the risk of the tower, parts falling off and all is very very likely to occur. There were five of us there. We took turns in going up as we were scared that we might ruin the ruins if all five of us climb in there at the same time.

Going back, we used another route, by shore. There were stones where we needed to climb and all. That was the adventure part of our trip. It was fun and scary. It’s not really that dangerous but we had electronics that we were trying to protect thus we were scared of falling off.

The things that you own end up owning you was very true. kudos to Chuck Palahnuik in that quote in his book, Fight Club. I now know and understand that feeling.

Awesome Weekend

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My weekend started last Friday, August 26. 6 of us went to San Jose Antique to pick up our friend, Eden. She works at a bank there.

We left Iloilo City at around 5 pm. It was raining and all but we were determined to go to Boracay via Culasi. It’s a different route. Hmm let just say that were adventurous that way.

At around 6 pm, there was a landslide somewhere in Antique. The damage was bad as vehicles could not get through it. We were left with no choice but to walk in the damaged area and ride on the next bus. (Buses going to Iloilo could not get through in the same way that buses going to Antique could not get through as well.)

Other than the Ceres Liner, there are also vans for hire going to and fro. The people in this vans made us uncomfortable in the Ceres. We walked slow because of our bags and we were almost left by the Ceres which is unfair because we were the original passengers with the tickets and all.

It was raining from Iloilo to antique up to our first day in Boracay. Our weekend is long, wet and filled with a lot of fun.


-met at Starmart in the afternoon
-went to the terminal (walking distance from the met up place)
-walked in the landslide
-arrived at Antique
-dinner at a bar slash restaurant below our friend’s boarding house
-power napped at our friend’s boarding house with Gladys, her housemate.


-arrived at Dalipe for the first trip to Caticlan (3 am)
-shouted to wake the drivers up
-got off at Nabas, Aklan and waited for a jeep to Caticlan
-arrived in Boracay
-checked in at St. Vincent at Station 2, just at the back of La Carmela.
-lunch at Smoke
-dinner at Big Momma’s
-hang out at Exit
-hang out at Jungle Bar


-brunch at Mama Mias ( I am not so sure of the name of the place)
-checked out the place
-bathed at station one
-merienda at Jonah’s
-dinner at Mang Inasal
-hang out at our place


-check out at Saint Vincent
-brunch at carinderia
-met up with Jess for reef walking
-reef walking at Bolabog Beach.
-prepared to go home
-arrived at Caticlan
-negotiate but we did not give in
-went back to Boracay
-dinner at Gasthof
-slept at the staff house of Harren’s Nanay


-brunch at carinderia
-go home

The bed is where the heart is

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After the long bus ride from Pagudpod, we decided to check in at a”hotel” in Quezon City. By hotel I mean dirty-cockroach infested hotel. People who check in here are answering to the immediate call of the flesh. We were there because we wanted to answer hygiene’s call.

Moshe offered her place to us but since my Cherry Mobile P1 runs out of battery after 24 hours regardless I use it or not, I didn’t have any means of reaching her. Timi failed to get Moshe’s number from my phone and her phone is not turning on as well.Technology can suck at times.

We were thinking of going to Victoria Court or Sogo Hotel. Q Mart Hotel was the first hotel that we found, we were tired of walking and the Q Mart is the first hotel to come our way so we decided to check in there. We paid 400 pesos to take a bath and rest for a few minutes in one of their rooms.

It was early Sunday morning and people, lovers check in there. When we went to the room, we saw that the four of us can’t fit in there. We took turns in getting in the room. We had huge bags, two of us are fat while Rogeric is a 6 Foot giant. It’s impossible for us to be in that cramped room all at the same time.

I took a bath first. I closed my mouth as I’m scared that the water might enter in my mouth. Timi went to the bathroom after me. Then it was Rogeric’s turn and then Augustine’s. After taking a bath, we hurriedly packed our things and left the hotel. What we paid for was good for a 3 hour stay but we did not even bother getting our money’s worth.

The linens have stains, the TV looks like it might fall off anytime, the towels are worn out, the bathroom is dirty, there are traces of peepholes, the ceiling looks like it can be lifted easily. (Rogeric tried lifting it off and it did detach in as easy as 1,2,3.). The only thing that made me smile in this place is the HEART in the headboard of the bed.

This places indeed for lovers or at least for those who don’t mind hygiene as long as they get to release their love hormones and what not.


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This is the view from outside of our room at the Grandpa’s Inn in Vigan. It’s not breathtaking or anything but for a place in Calle Crisologo, what we paid for is definitely more than what we bargained for.

Og at the back of the Burgos Museum

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Techie Agbayani

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This is one of our photos taken at the bell tower in a town near Vigan. The guide took this picture. He was probably so used to taking photos of tourists this way that he decided to use it on all of the tourists that visits the place. Because my boyfriend’s camera was out of battery, the Manong Guide took most of our photos using my iPad and it shocked me because he knows how to use it. I am not bring judgmental or anything it’s just that I am so amused by this manong who does not only know how to use an iPad but is also familiar with “perspective”when it comes to taking photos.

Move over Lola Techie, here comes Manong Techie.