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Men’s needs are insatiable. This is a fact. This is the reason why we upgrade our phones, buy bigger homes and so on. As ones income increases, the lifestyle goes up along with it.

They say it’s part of human nature. This is what makes us human. And I can attest to this fact. My needs are insatiable too.

I have this friend who wants to control his needs. Good luck to him but if I were him, I would not go over the edge and control my need otherwise I’d feel as if I am depriving myself or worst, I won’t get to practice what I am preaching.

All my life I have this “I don’t want something that I can’t have policy”. It helps me get by, it helps me save up for those things which I want but I can not afford to have. When I say I don’t want the things that I can’t have, I mean to say I don’t want them so bad but if it’s given to me for free or if I can afford it, I sure want it too.


Davao IT

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10 am- depart from Iloilo
Plane ride is 1 hour
11 am arrived in Davao
Took a cab to C5 Dormitel
Slept until 4 pm because we were dead tired. We didn’t sleep the night before because we were scared to be left by the plane.
Took a jeep to SM City Davao.
Wandered at the mall and ate at the food court.
Took another cab going to Abreeza Mall.
Again, we wandered at the mall and mused over the dancing fountains.
Took a cab to get to Kangaroo Cafe.
Walked back to C5.

Woke up at 4am to prepare for Samal.
Ate at this cheap place in front of Ateneo. It’s a carinderia but it’s prices are way too cheap. 2 rice, 3 viands and 2 soft drinks at only 75 pesos.
Asked a driver on how to get to Sasa.
We found this convenience store that serves the hottest chili sauce ever. The guy there was from Tacurong City, the part of Mindanao with lots of Ilonggos so he understood our language. No need to struggle with the Filipino language.
We took jeep in front of the convenience store with a guerilla newspaper distribution. We paid 13 pesos for the trip.
The entrance to the IGACOS terminal costs 10 pesos.
We bought two shades from the vendor inside and waited for the bus that will get to the boat to arrive.
The ferry ride took about 10 minutes.
We entered the bus with the Penaplata mark on it.
When we arrived at the town center of Penaplata, habal-habal drivers flocked at us but we dealt with the one who has the best smile. I swear to god, Manong Jun has a dimple.
We checked out the Bito Depression which is said to be caused by a meteor hitting the area.It is so deep that if you fall off it, you will surely meet your maker.
Next stop is the Hagimit Falls. I met a friend there whose name I forgot to ask. He is only 13 years old but he does not go to school anymore. The falls looks really good and is very refreshing in the morning.
After Hagimit we went to the White House which is a base of the Moncadistas.they were very friendly. We arrived after their mass and there were a lot of people there but they did not mind having us there. There are those who were wearing all whites, there are also those who were wearing all reds.
The location of the White House is perfect as it is at they’ll of the hill overlooking Davao. In the sala of the house were pictures of their leaders. They are also Rizalistas by the way.
We went up to the terrace. The upper part of the house has three rooms. The kitchen part serves as the entrance the underground tunnel during Japanese occupation.
After the white house we went to the bat cave. They have 5 caves there with a million or two bats. Again, the view Davao from this places terrific. The guide here was really good, he told us about everything that we needed to know about bats.
After that we went to BluJaz. Entrance fee is 90 pesos. You need to pay another 90 pesos you want to try the slide. We bade goodbye to Manong Jun. We gave him 800 pesos for half day tour which I think is not that bad.
I bought swimsuits at BlueJaz as they have stores here. The shoreline is not that long but it’s well maintained.
Going back to Davao is free as the resort has it’s service boat.
Took jeep going to C5.

Woke up at around 5am and fixed ourselves for Davao tour.
Ate at the convenience store and headed to Gmall.
Took a cab to Zip City. Tried the Zipline and got 4 bottled water as the complimentary meal is other available until around lunch. Dencio’s Kamayan Resto has a real good view of the city below. Reminds me of Cebu’s Tops.
Took a short walk and managed to find a cab to get to GAP Farm.
After that we went to Crocodile Park. Thank god there is a nice Manong who charged us 25 pesos each to get to the park. Taxi in this part of Davao, most especially in the mornings are a bit scarce.
We met Pangil at the park. There are snakes, eagles and monkeys. We also went to Tribu K Mindanawnon with it’s sample houses.
We ate at Crocodile Grill. you need to be very hungry when eating here as they serve humongous amount of food. We ordered Bicol Express, Ostrich Fried Rice, Crocodile Pasta, Sisig and two bottled water. The only thing that were able to finish was the bottled water, the rest we had to take home with us.
As we waited for a cab, we tried the durian ice cream.We also bought a few stuff from the souvenir shop.
We went home, fixed ourselves and went out to the Ukay-Ukay area in front of our place.
We also went to Vmall. They had hookahs there. I bought a small one.
After that we went near Sampaguita Inn as we thought Majid’s Kebab was there. But we got lost so we took a cab going to Rizal Street and there was the kebab shop. We ordered 2 kebabs and Augustine took his much awaited photo with Majid. The guy is a bit old but he is very friendly and approachable.
After Majid we went to the People’s Park. It is like EK minus the rides and fees.
We walked back home.

Woke up at around 4am again as our flight is at 745 am.
Ate at the convenience store and watched the Milo Marathon.
Took a cab to the airport. Bought durian stuff and went home.

See you next year, Davao.

Davao Finally

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Arrived at the airport at around 10 am. The airport was a long drive. Davao is sooo big. Checked in at C5 near Ateneo Davao. Sleep for a couple of hours. Went to SM, looked for DQ in Abreeza.had dessert in Kangaroo Cafe.

Samal Island tomorrow.

Hehehee. Brrrrrrrrrr.

Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday to my Mother.

Ahhhhh, to be old, fat and contented.

I love you Nay.

Bantayan Island Escapade

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October 14 to 17 was a success. Some backed out, some made it but in the end it was all worth it.

Donna, Cathy, Erik, Tin and I were the second batch to arrive in Cebu City on Friday. We met up with Mandark who is picking up Donna. we thought he had a car but he didn’t which is funny because we were looking for his car and waiting for it to arrive anytime soon.

We checked in at Sugbutel. It was a god thing that all of us in the room were accommodated. We paid for 300 pesos for each bed space. We went to SM to have our diner at the food court and headed straight to the Outpost.

The Outpost is an old house which is turned into a bar and boy! the rock and roll scene there is very much alive and kicking. It was a good thing we were with Mandark or else we would have trouble in looking for a spot to sit on.

The next day we headed to the North Terminal where we met up with Timi and Rogeric. We hired a van and paid for the extra seats as it is usually an 18 seated and since there is only 12 of us, we paid for the extra.

After a couple of hours or so, we arrived at Hagnaya Port where we took a ferry going to Bantayan Island. The ferry ride tok about an hour. As usual swarms of agents flocked at us when we arrived at the Sta. Fe Port. Harren had a contact thus we ended up staying at Yoonek Beach Resort.

We went out to have our lunch at a restaurant styled carinderia in Bantayan Business area. After that we went to the Kota Beach with the 1 million structure on the beach. They have an old fortress with a garden inside. On the way to Kota beach, we passed by a lot of poultry houses. The smell was STRONG!

We then headed to Another beach resort with a cave. I am not so good with names but this resort is more like a nature park slash resort. We bathe at the cave and explored the rest of the resort. They have monkeys, eagles, crabs, snakes and the like.

After that we did our marketing, had our dinner which is basically a pizza party.Since there are 12 of us, we paired up and bought one pizza per pair. It was fun exchanging pizzas.

We wanted to have a bonfire but the rain hindered us from doing so. Instead, sews tied for Arthur’s birthday and danced like crazy at the beach.

The next day, we went to Virgin Island. It was a really cool resort with a family or so looking after it.They have their own version of Up’s Russell. A really fat little boy that caught our attention. The island is nice, they have hammocks, Bermuda grasses and everything else that one would need to relax. They even have tripods out of tree branches.

After leaving Virgin Island, we snorkeled. All of them left the boat, I swam with them as well though my one hand is holding on for dear life at one of the poles of the pump boat. We also went to another island whose name I don’t even remember. We explored there, took photos and It is in that place where I started my sea glass collection.

The next day we left Yoonek at around 10 am. We arrived in Cebu at around 3 pm. I went back at Sugbutel to take my ID. My ID is okay but Cathy’s shoes isn’t. It was missing and could not be found by the people there.

After Sugbutel, we headed straight to Mactan Airport and waited for our flight back to Iloilo.

A fun, fun weekend!


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Last Sumer, me and my fitness booked a Cebu to Iloilo flight using Cebu Pacific’s seatsale. There were 15 of us so we had to book by batches. The first batch will have their flight in the morning. the second batch for an afternoon flight and the third batch will be for the last flight.

This was okay as our leaving Cebu flight are all the same. A month after the booking, they said that the flights of the last two batches were moved. Last week, another email is sent about the moved flight being moved again

The moment I check the site, the schedule is still pretty much the same. I asked the them to give me an updated IT but still no response as of now. Our flight will be on Friday next week. Ahhh, this is to confusing. I do hope they reply in time.


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Bye Steve Jobs.


You are such an inspiration to people like us, people who want to live their dreams.


You may be gone but we promise to keep on connecting the dots and never questioning things.



Empathy vs Sympathy

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Last week, I had a one on one encounter with sympathy and empathy. The former is defined as feeling sorry for someone while the latter is defined as putting yourself in another person’s shoe.

We went to Yato last week. This is the first time that Harren, Timi and Rogeric will be one place place at the same time. Things turned out okay. I was empathizing with Harren as I know how he was feeling seeing Timi in another guy’s arm.

They wanted to watch Rakenrol but it was no longer in the shown so we decided to eat our lunch at Samurai. Harren was making discreet passes which I know are for Timi. I sympathize with Rogeric as I know how difficult it is to play deaf when you know that every bits and pieces of your being the new guy is challenged.

Sympathy and empathy, they are two things that makes us human. I think that our ability to sympathize makes us all the more of a social being, we can relate, we can feel. However, it does not make the wrong right. I empathize with the old boyfriend but I sympathize with the new one.


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My boyfriend is a smoker and I want him to quit. It’s been years but this time I am serious. I will keep on blogging about his deadly hobby for as long as he does it.

I was planning on putting it on his wall but he said it would embarrass him if I do that so I’ll privately send it to him though I know he won’t be reading the posts.

Should he smoke in front of me, I would post on his wall.


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Is it a big house?
Is it a 6 figure salary?
Is it an MBA or Ph D?
Is it a family?

Just like beauty, success depends on the eye of the beholder. Nobody can tell you how successful you are other than yourself. You may have a good job with a good pay but you want to be nothing more than a wife and have kids, then you are not successful. You may have 5 luxury cars but all you want is a simple life with a pink beetle, then you are not successful.

To other people, money is the ultimate measure of success but is it really money?

Your money is good but I prefer fulfillment.

And how will I get this fulfillment?

Surely it’s not sold in the malls or in eBay. Fulfillment is a feeling of satisfaction or even bliss.This is what you get when you feel good in doing what you want. You may have topped the board exam for Nursing but if you really want to be a Pilot, even that topping of board exam can not give you fulfillment thus it can not be counted as success.