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In Art, Event, Personal on April 16, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Facebook made birthday greetings easier and cheaper. If it is your birthday, expect your wall to be bombarded by a lot of greetings.

The first greeting  on my wall is from Colcol. He is in Cebu right now. I think, this would be my first birthday without him, that is ever since we knew each other which is like 8 years or so.

I scan my page every now and then to see who greeted me. There are those whose greetings I await, there are those whose greetings I don’t care about and there are those whose greetings I am surprised with.

As of now 12 am of April 17, there are two people who greetings surprised me. One is that of a person that I don’t like. It’s not just me who does not like him but almost half of Iloilo. I could be exaggerating though. But this guy is some kind of an airhead. That is why I don’t like him. I don’t even know why on earth are we Facebook friends but I’m too polite to delete him. So let it be. I didn’t add him up in the first place.

His greeting made me think of two things. It could be that he just does not care about my opinion of him or he does not have any beef against me. My dislike for him is very obvious. I mean, we knew each other, we we’re schoolmates. We’ve hang out a couple of times may be but when we bump into each other on gigs lately, it is as if I don’t know him. I don’t want to be related to him in any way.

I feel so guilty about it though. I think, I’d be nice to him the next time I see him. By nice I mean smirk when he looks my way. Take note, smirk not smile. By nice I mean I will try not noticing, not gossiping and not reenacting his annoying moves, statuses and the like to my other friends who hate him as much as I do.

Next greeting that surprised me is that of KIRI DALENA’s. 

We volunteered to take a photograph for her film a couple of weeks ago. I did not expect that she’d go out of her way to greet me. Well, she did not go out of her way, she just commented on Augustine’s post. But for her to exert effort in typing those words, the thought of that makes me feel giddy.

I mean, she could have used that effort in making another film, typing an important email to her artist friends, paint or sculpt. But she didn’t, I crossed her mind or rather Facebook’s updates showed on her homepage. And she typed my name. This is like Kurt Cobain greeting a die-hard grunge fan. It made my heart skip a beat.

I know someone who would give an arm and leg just to be greeted by her. Die green of envy then, my friend for here is a screenshot of the best birthday gift that I got today:

Eat your heart out...