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When Expectations Don’t Match Reality

In Personal on August 4, 2011 at 7:34 pm

I have been fantasizing about him since I was in 2nd Year High School. I know he is tall but I never thought he’d be that tall. Blame it on the almost skinny jeans or distance from the stage but I am very much disturbed about Brandon Boyd’s long legs. It was a good thing the projector focused mainly on mid-shots and close-ups. Forgive me but I imagine Vice Ganda every time I look at Brandon Boyd’s long legs.

I have this friend who didnt’ like them when they had a stylist, I thought it was real shallow of him to judge the band based on their awakened sense of fashion but now, I see my friends point. Brandon Boyd would have been hotter if dressed up like the bassist, plain white tees, denim pants and good ol’ sneakers.

But who cares about how they look like, I love their old songs. I grew up listening to them. I love the way he writes. And somehow, I’ll keep on fantasizing about the dread-locked surfer dude from Van Nuys, CA  and not the long-legged creature that I saw perform last July 28 at Araneta.

Incubus is Incubus and Brandon Boyd is Brandon Boyd! =)