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In Art on June 29, 2011 at 6:43 pm

They are…..
Photo and caption by SEONHO SHIN

I think that real travelers are homeless people. They are always find new place. I met two people under bay bridge in San Francisco. Tom and Sandra; even though they don’t have money, house, and food, they are looked happy. And they said “we can move in & out without any contract” After 2 weeks later, they left their place. Tom and Sandra taught to me about traveler.

The photo touched my heart, the caption melted it. True Love!


Stay together for the kids.

In Event, Personal on April 14, 2011 at 8:24 pm

All my life, I have been playing Cupid to my friends. I love pairing them up with this guy or that guy. I also love helping out guys that like them. That is of course if I want the guy for them or if my friend wants the guy too.

I am so expert in this field but I didn’t know it would take a huge toll on me in the long run.

I’m not being chismosa (gossip-y?) that’s why I won’t name names. But let me at least tell you about their story based on my point of view.

I have two good friends which I have paired up. Physically they make a good team and I know that they’ve got it going on emotionally I mean they lasted for a year or so. The guy is my tropa, the gurl is a high school freind and a tropa as well.

Back when I still didn’t have any prospects as to who would be the father of my first baby since I plan to have a baby at the age of 24 ( with or without a hubby) I have made a pact with this couple. A pact that I will adopt one of their children. They are both good-looking, imagine the babies that they will make? Even if I am not in any way related to my adopted baby from them, I would still love that beautiful baby. But that didn’t happen.

His line to her and I quote "ZION WILL BE SAVED CAUSE YOURE THE ONE!."

At first we thought they just don’t hang out that much but later on the whole tropa realized that it’s over.

Man, that made me cry. Really!

Flashback, I remember when it was the girl’s birthday and the guy gave her a cake. Considering how thrifty he was, it was a great effort and sacrifice for him to buy that expensive cake. I remember when the girl who I use to hang out with at gigs and at the malls would give me military directions asking me to check if the guy is looking our way or not. “Look at your 12 o clock, is he there?”.

They are like a perfect team, she’s like a Sparta and he’s like Athens. I can go on and on telling stories about them…..But I choose not to, it’s too painful for me. Haha.

I know I don’t have any right to pry on them but I found myself spying on their accounts and finding myself upset if some guy is like being to close to the girl or if some girl flirts with the guy. My solution is to make a testimonial right away saying that he is waiting for my friend to be back. So stupid of me. I’m like a fan whose favorite love team broke up.

Every time I hang out with the girl, I would tell her all the positive stories I could think of  about the guy and if im with the boy, I tell him everything about the girl.

That was like my desperate effort to make things work for them. Sometimes I even feel guilty for the guy because my stories are like false hopes, dead stars that he clings unto.

Personally, I’d give my arm and leg just to see them together again, I’m sure all of our their friends feel the same way.

But last week, there was like an awakening moment. I realized that Hey, I think I’m the one who’s just believing that they are going to be back together. It is like seeing your parents separate but you refuse to believe that such separation can occur.

Oh man, just as I belive that Santa Claus and Aliens exists, I will keep on believing that they will be together, maybe not now but soon. If not in this life then in another.

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