Mera Joy Aniolga

The bed is where the heart is

In Travelling on August 20, 2011 at 7:39 am


After the long bus ride from Pagudpod, we decided to check in at a”hotel” in Quezon City. By hotel I mean dirty-cockroach infested hotel. People who check in here are answering to the immediate call of the flesh. We were there because we wanted to answer hygiene’s call.

Moshe offered her place to us but since my Cherry Mobile P1 runs out of battery after 24 hours regardless I use it or not, I didn’t have any means of reaching her. Timi failed to get Moshe’s number from my phone and her phone is not turning on as well.Technology can suck at times.

We were thinking of going to Victoria Court or Sogo Hotel. Q Mart Hotel was the first hotel that we found, we were tired of walking and the Q Mart is the first hotel to come our way so we decided to check in there. We paid 400 pesos to take a bath and rest for a few minutes in one of their rooms.

It was early Sunday morning and people, lovers check in there. When we went to the room, we saw that the four of us can’t fit in there. We took turns in getting in the room. We had huge bags, two of us are fat while Rogeric is a 6 Foot giant. It’s impossible for us to be in that cramped room all at the same time.

I took a bath first. I closed my mouth as I’m scared that the water might enter in my mouth. Timi went to the bathroom after me. Then it was Rogeric’s turn and then Augustine’s. After taking a bath, we hurriedly packed our things and left the hotel. What we paid for was good for a 3 hour stay but we did not even bother getting our money’s worth.

The linens have stains, the TV looks like it might fall off anytime, the towels are worn out, the bathroom is dirty, there are traces of peepholes, the ceiling looks like it can be lifted easily. (Rogeric tried lifting it off and it did detach in as easy as 1,2,3.). The only thing that made me smile in this place is the HEART in the headboard of the bed.

This places indeed for lovers or at least for those who don’t mind hygiene as long as they get to release their love hormones and what not.


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